Essay on Margaret Mead 's Quote On Success

Essay on Margaret Mead 's Quote On Success

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An Analysis of Margaret Mead’s Quote on Success
Success, for the person who achieves “success” it feels amazing, for those who watch the person succeed, it could be degrading to them. Margaret Mead once made a famous quote on success basically saying that people who are successful elsewhere, such as other countries, tend to be praised more than those around you, such as people in sports competitions. Everybody wants to be successful in their lives, whether it be sports related, life related, etc. If someone is successful then that person can feel happy about their accomplishment and therefore be happier. Sometimes, when people succeed, that person may want others to recognize that accomplishment. Other times, people achieve great successes but aren’t recognized. When that person isn’t recognized that person may become upset and act as though nobody cares about their successes. I, for one, agree with Margaret Mead’s comment on success. I agree with Mead because of three simple reasons: American’s value success highly, people often get recognized for great accomplishments, and people do view people close to them as a potential threat.
To begin, American’s tend to view success highly. Nowadays there are so many awards that are given out each year for successes such as the Emmy award, principles honor roll, person of the year, the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, etc. People who receive these awards almost always deserve these awards. People who work hard, spend countless hours at their work/task and achieve their goal, most definitely deserve some type of award to honor their dedication. Another perfect example is some type of election. Every candidate needs helpers to get the word out to vote for that candidate. Depending o...

... middle of paper ... a better person. If you succeed in something then great, celebrate! If you fail at something then brush it off, regroup, and try again. If you give up on your goals in life then there would be nothing to drive you. With no motivation that particular person will surely become depressed. However, the people that experience failures, and manage to recover is because they have confidence in themselves. Whether it be just in their abilities alone, or maybe they believe that God had them fail for a particular reason. Those people are the ones that everyone should resemble. I for one, believe that all of my successes, as well as failures, are all God’s plan he had for me at the start of my life. And whenever something bad happens to me, I of course will be upset, but I then realize that this was a part of God’s plan all along, and I feel better and move on with my life.

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