Essay on Map Analysis on Education Center in McNabs Island

Essay on Map Analysis on Education Center in McNabs Island

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  The main function of these maps is identifying the area that is suitable for building an education center on McNabs Island. I divided my analysis maps into three parts which are slope and geology, environment and cultural sites, and microclimate. For the slope and geology map, I combined the slope, bedrock and surficial geology together because I think all of them can majorly determine and describe the topography. Bedrock and surficial geology are the materials that are under the ground. They might form different topography by the geological action including weathering and eroding processes. Also, the slopes can decide whether the land is a plain or a hill. Furthermore, I think slope and geology can risk of the environmental hazards like landslides. Therefore, I put them together to show what the topography looks like, and I think it can be the first consideration for land development. People should always consider the safety as the first factor for doing construction. For the second analysis map, I did the environment and cultural sites, and I combined hydrogeology including all buffers, vegetation ages, soil and cultural sites together because they belong to the natural and cultural features. For example, the vegetation can identify what is the type of land covering, and the construction such as forts can identify what is already existing on the land. These features can help people to determine what they can do that would not have lots of impact for those existing natural and cultural features. In addition, they might be the second consideration for the land development because people should always pay more attention to whether their activities are harmful to the environment and cultural sites. The last analysis map I did is m...

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...ill not harm the environment. Moreover, the region has gentle slopes, and it will have a lower risk of environmental hazards such as mudslides. In addition, the area has lots of natural features and can let people to visit, such as the wetland and the stream on the south side of the upper island. Furthermore, the place is not located at very high elevation, it can benefit people such as elderly to walk.
  The least suitable place to build the education center is the red colored region that is under the west pond of Ives Point. The reason that I think that the region is the worst because there have the steep slope, and it is at coastal cliff. Moreover, the area is the coldest region in the entire McNabs Island because the winter wind comes from there. It has a lot of wind exposure, and it is a good place for wind development, but not for building an education center.

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