The Many Ways to Discipline a Child Essay

The Many Ways to Discipline a Child Essay

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Some people believe spanking a child is child abuse, and that it causes the child to grow up aggressive and violent. This would mean that every child that is spanked during their developmental stages will grow up to be an example of bad behavior. However, there is no actual data or information that can confirm that spanking a child will cause a child to grow up to be violent or too aggressive. Children have been trained to obey rules or a set code of behavior for centuries. It is the best way to mold a child to be a respectable adult, and they can pass on the behavior to their future children. It may not always happen, but its pretty effective.
Disciplining a child is the responsibility of the parent. There are many ways to discipline a child. A child could be spanked, yelled at, ridiculed, punished, and grounded. They could also be verbally abused as a mode to be disciplined. It is up to the parents to choose how they want to discipline their child. Major influences on how to discipline a child comes from the media, friends, elders, and even books. Most parents choose their method of discipline based on how they were raised as a child. In most cases, it all depends on the ethnicity and culture you were born into. According to Child Rearing Practices in Different Cultures, some cultures believe the father should be the sole disciplinarian, others believe that the role should be shared equally between the mother and father ( The methods of discipline may vary slightly with parents of different ethnicities, but ultimately they are similar in the fashion of disciplining the child to teach them right from wrong.
According to Child Rearing Practices in Different Cultures, White or Caucasian and Indian parents will ...

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...iplining a child are similar among all of the different ethnicities and cultures. It is most likely because of the socially accepted norm of how to discipline a child. Americans socially accept spanking, punishment, or grounding as methods of discipline. So in turn, these are the methods inhabitants of America choose to discipline their child. Disciplining can be considered as child abuse, but only if the discipline involves beating and verbally abusing the child. Although the methods of disciplining the child are similar, the disciplinarian of the household may differ. The parent who takes on the role of the disciplinarian could change the way they discipline their child. The gender of the parent also could affect how the child is disciplined.

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