Many Things Make a Person Essay

Many Things Make a Person Essay

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Many Things Make a Person
In life one may come across many obstacles, the obstacles can either make or break a person. Dr. Benjamin Carson took the challenges that were thrown at him and used them to make himself a better person. He pushed through his problems with the help of his supporters. Many things have contributed to the appearance that Dr. Carson has in today’s society.
Dr. Carson is an open minded person, who feels that he should be able to express how he feels about the way health care currently is taken care of. “Dr. Ben Carson, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and legendary neurosurgeon, is now in the spotlight…most notable was his criticism of Obamacare” (Williams 1). When giving his opinion on Obamacare, Dr. Carson shows that he isn’t necessarily for it. Most people took Benjamin’s speech as him being political, however that wasn’t necessarily his case, he just wanted to show his concern for it and give what he thought would be a better health care to follow after. Many people began to think of Dr. Carson as disrespectful for expressing his opinion on Obamacare, Ben Carson begins to say otherwise in during an interview about the whole incident that took place. “In fact, I don’t believe that expressing your opinion, regardless of who is there, is being rude. And it’s a shame that we’ve reached a level in our country where we think that you don’t have the right to put your opinion out there” (Martin 3). So many people downgraded Dr. Carson for giving his opinion. Benjamin’s disagreed with what many people, the people thought that is wasn’t and appropriate time or place for his opinion. But Dr. Carson goes on to say that “I think, it is extraordinary appropriate because we’re talking about the health of our nation,...

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...on for being a neurosurgeon and through his many accomplishments.
With the help of the people in Ben Carson’s life, he was able to shape his life into success. Dr. Carson has been through many touch obstacles; however they were worth it because the overall outcome was better than where he started. Without the struggles in Benjamin S. Carson’s life he would not be who he today.

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