Essay about The Many Hats Of The American President

Essay about The Many Hats Of The American President

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The “many hats” of The American President
If one manages to be lucky enough to grow up to be president (certain conditions apply), that person must abide by Article 2 of the constitution of the United States of America. This prestigious $400,000 a year job comes with some perks, rights, and tremendous responsibilities that are comparable to none. By design the American president is meant to be “powerful enough to respond quickly when necessary, but also would be limited by lack of lawmaking power and need to gain congressional approval (Yalof and Dautrich, 176).
The presidential powers from the Constitution are specified in Article 2 sections 2 and 3, in a few relatively short paragraphs (National Archives, 1) as the Framers did not want the president to be too powerful. They have been fighting tyranny of the King of England and there was no possibility of creating an executive office with too much power.
So, what do the powers granted by the Constitution do? They constitutionally empower the president to be the chief legislator, chief administrator, Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, and the Commander in Chief. Certain powers are subject to congressional oversight or approval while others are not. These powers define the president’s constitutionally intended roles and these are also known as the “president’s many hats”--a term coined by political scientist Clinton Rossiter (Tenpas, 123).
The president, being the chief legislator has the right to initiate policy. The president has the power to bring his legislative agenda before congress and push for advancement. He can sign or veto legislation passed by congress and convene special sessions of congress. In advancing is policies, he must work closely with the congress as his plans...

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... a good example of leadership at time of need.
Furthermore, the present is also called the protector of peace. He can declare national emergencies and call out The National Guard to protect the peace as needed, when states fail to do a satisfactory job.
Some also give the president the role of Manager of the Economy. We praise the presidents when the economy is doing well and vilify them when things are bad, even though the president has very little to do with how the domestic economy actually operates.
Being the president of The United States of America is a challenging job. By design it is meant for difficult and requires one to be a team player and a negotiator. The prestige of the office, and the love of service to the country, however keeps luring many to want this job, as evident by the ever increasing declarations for the 2016 presidential election.

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