Many Forms of Music in Mexico Essays

Many Forms of Music in Mexico Essays

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Mexico is known for many things that range from its beautiful beaches to its small unique towns to its food, but another aspect of Mexican culture that also stands out, is its many forms of music. When people think about music of Mexico, they typically think about mariachi or banda and the dances that are associated with the genres, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that there are other forms of music such as corridos and many types of sones. Since there are many genres in Mexican music, I will focus on corridos. Corridos have always been an important genre to Mexican music since they have always had an important message in them, although sometimes controversial and have also described the day-to-day lives of Mexicans.
Corridos have been around for a long period of time. Although, if you ask a person they probably couldn’t tell you how or where they started or what its roots are. Corridos also have changed over time and they have also become very political and controversial due to its ties to drug trafficking, cartel’s, and violence. It is said that corridos have been around for over 100 years. According to Sheehy, corridos formed and gained popularity around the times of the revolucion, “The revolution beginning in 1910, however, provided the intense popular interest that catapulted the corrido figures as Francisco Madero, Francisco Villa, Emiliano Zapata, and myriad others” (Olsen & Sheehy 198). Since, the corrido was developed during the Mexican Revolution one can only assume what the corridos was about. Given the circumstances in which the corrido was born, the corrido was probably about one of the leaders of the revolution. Although, the corrido is often related to revolutionary times, its historical roots are actua...

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...s my nerves when something stresses me out and even if I finish sierra, I’ll still continue to burn that good plant”. Like many of today’s English music, the consumption of drugs is the topic of many Spanish songs and it’s clear why many people such as parents wouldn’t allow their kids. It’s promoting drug use which isn’t good for humanity.
Corridos have been popular for a long time and even though they can often send bad messages in the songs, there are still plenty of songs that promote positive vibes and messages to the listeners that relate to the more important things in life such as family, love, and enjoying life itself. Corridos have come a long way for them to suddenly disappear and with plenty of artists contributing good music and with more on the rise, there isn’t a reason to be optimistic about corridos bringing the listeners together for happiness.

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