The Many Challenges Facing World History Teachers Essay

The Many Challenges Facing World History Teachers Essay

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Teaching history in the public school system can present educators with a unique set of challenges that are not found in any other subjects or disciplines. Furthermore, the distinction between U.S. and World History course structure need to be identified in order to effectively incorporate textbooks, unit tests, state standards, and student prior knowledge into the class. U.S. and World History classes differ in many aspects; and the teacher needs to know how to separate the two distinct course structures.
As a U.S. History teacher, various forms of accurate student assessment can be incorporated into my classroom which will provide information needed to adjust my teaching styles. I believe U.S History classes provide a more diverse selection of assessment tools because the material is narrower in scope compared to a World History class. I believe I can shy away from the large unit tests in my U.S. History assessments and take a more non-traditional approach such as incorporating group discussions, projects, and student presentations. I feel that U.S. History provides many more opportunities for active instruction as a means of assessment instead of unit tests.
On the other hand, one of the many challenges facing World History teachers is the development of classroom assessments that are on the right scale. This is because the structure of World History units typically include topics on several regions; covering a timeframe of many centuries. In contrast to U.S. History assessments, I believe a good way to overcome this obstacle is to use end of unit projects. According to our class reading Managing the Laments of World History Teachers, having students figure out the story and make global connections is key to any successful ...

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...that U.S History provides many more opportunities to immerse my students in the personalities and spirits of the men and women of U.S. history.
For example, a final project that requires students to dig deeper into a particular case can stimulate students. Also, it can enable me to assess how my students apply the case to larger patterns studied in a specific unit. I have observed this type of assessment in my field experience where the students assumed the role of a representative of a nation applying to the United Nations for assistance. Then the students researched the historical context and current conditions in the country that led to a specific economic, political or social issue. In doing this, students were able to show how they could connect what they have learned across a semester or year of World History to the current conditions in one specific country.

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