The Many Benefits of Universal Religions Essay

The Many Benefits of Universal Religions Essay

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For thousands of years, religions have had a monumental impact upon billions of people’s lives. Religions have affected every square inch of the planet, and have influenced almost everyone’s life. There are two types of religions, universal, and ethnic. Universal religions have managed to proselytize an impressive amount of followers across the globe. Ethnic religions and universal religions are very different. While ethnic religions have stayed in concentrated areas, isolated from everyone else, not seeking any other followers, universal religions had openly welcomed many diverse people, and succeeded to rapidly solve major world issues. It is inexorable that universal religions have enhanced the world’s health. This can be observed through the advancement of healthcare, encouragement of widespread education, and their unfailing ability to accept anyone into their religion.
One way universal religions have assisted the world’s health, is through enhancing healthcare. Individuals all across the globe are helping to further medical studies and are applying medical aid to those in need in third world countries. According to the Baptist Press, "a total of 381 IMB (International Mission Board) personnel are engaged in health care missions overseas.” Baptists descend from Christianity, the world’s leading religion. An observation of such evidence reveals the importance of healthcare within universal religions. To help countries in need, and supply them with the rudimentary necessities to survive, is one of the vital lines that divide universal religion from ethnic religion. While universal religions help the nations in need, the citizens of the country feel that they are obliged to pursue the faith of universal religions. In one Europ...

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