Essay about The Many Benefits of Tiny Houses

Essay about The Many Benefits of Tiny Houses

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With the current economic status of the American nation, paying jobs are getting harder to find and keep, housing prices are skyrocketing, and many Americans are miserable, finding their lives in a rut. There’s little to no time to do what one loves or spend with one’s family, and the free chances one does get usually gets gobbled up by household work or maintenance. What if all that just went away? No more worry about filling up leftover space, more time to do what one wants to do, and more money to put towards something other than bills and debt? Tiny houses provide an alternative life-style that allows more funds, freedom, and is more eco-friendly than the average home.
A simpler, easy-going way of life is being adopted by people young and old, single and married, employed and not so, across the nation. Tiny houses are residential buildings typically less than 600 square feet – larger than a shed, but not quite big enough to be called a cottage. They have nearly all the facilities and rooms a regular home has, but in a more compact area, without all the “excess” space. This trend of down-sizing, also known as the Tiny House Movement, isn’t a new one. Rather, it’s the revival of a past idea. In the 1950’s the average American single-family home was 980 square feet. As of 2009, that average has increased by 275% to an enormous 2,700 square feet. Garages take up about 15% of that size while appliances fill another 10%. American refrigerators are double the size of those in Europe, and use enough energy to power six televisions for 10-12 hours per day (Strobel). The purpose of tiny houses is to reduce the amount of space in one’s home in order to reduce the amount of clutter in one’s life – to realize what is a w...

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