The Manufacturing Of America 's Economy Essay example

The Manufacturing Of America 's Economy Essay example

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Factory workers have always been seen as the backbone of America’s economy. Just some time ago the gritty employees would work day in and day out, callusing their hands and providing for their families. A once lively and busy factory is now one that is quiet and calm . Now, a cold steel machine routinely does the same work, replacing the live worker. It was to further the industry that this transition was made. While they were introduced to help their human co-workers, in some aspects it also set them back. After the introduction of robots in factory settings, some workers were cut because their position was obsolete. It was because of this, and many other factors, that there is much to compare and contrast when speaking of technology in the factory industry. Although this integration strengthened this field, it is because of this change that the business shifted, and the economy began to fall.
The first time mechanization was seen in the factory setting was during the Industrial Revolution. During this time great changes were taking place in order to encourage growth of the factory industry and a flourishing middle class. Machinery was intended to have the same effect it does today; they are used to aid workers and lessen the strain put on employees. In this aspect their introduction has been greatly beneficial. The aid that machines have given to workers come in many different forms. In many cases, repetitious acts are taken out the picture. Tedious work that once needed to be done by human employees is now a worry of the past. Actually, Blue from Vista Industrial Products Inc. (2016) claims that “when an automated machine is programmed to perform a task over and over again, the accuracy and repeatability compared to an emplo...

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...s to make more mistakes instead.The speed production could be yet another area of concern. The machines are programmed to create a constant effect, and do it quickly. When a heightened speed in a main concern, it led to even the quality being cheapened. Continuing off of this, another reason why products quality seemed to cheapen is simply because the lack of human workers. (See the domino effect here?) When there is a lack of this there is no conscious or thought process to be willing to put in the extra effort to produce excellent merchandise. After covering just a few of the points for and against technology and its role in factories, it is clear they are both compelling. There could be many debates and heated arguments and the positives and negatives of technologies role in factories. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide their stance on the topic.

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