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• Cotton making is one of the big business in Britain today with an annual turn over of 516 million pounds per year, the manufacturing of cotton making has a very large popularity as it spread across many countries .All these are a part of wider manufacturing system but on the whole we need to look at only one part, but the structure of the industry is also considered as an important part of the story.


• Lets start with the product manufacturing system which plays a key role on the direct demands of the cotton house. Cotton maker undertakes manufacturing steps like printing the plastic die and also cutting the carton shapes and also assembling the carton .for cutting and creasing there is a subsystem for making the metal die that presses up the carton shape.

• That is the job for the die making shop. The main thing focused is the sub contractor .the construction of the die is its simplicity itself ,the basic design data is given by the packer himself from this the base board is cut to shape to form stations on the die and then steel rules are inserted for cutting and creasing edges.

• Discussion takes place on the firm that uses modern technology to meet demands for its wood based steel rule carton dies. Frank poynter is the Managing Director of Arden dies with 36 employees and one million pounds per annual outcome. This is a typical job shop where the method of production remains unaltered for many years like turning of the dies and the method of construction. There are many craftsmen in the industry surprisingly as many job shops do not have many craftsmen, the only reason for having more craftsmen is for achieving shorter lead times and also accuracy and this can be achieved by cutting the channels in the plywood base.


• Just in time means the production of good reaching in time and also to eliminate all
Waste in all forms.

• For the die maker the secret of successful die making is to match the method production from the need of the industry as a whole. This is the JUST IN TIME philosophy. The packer making instant demands from the cotton maker and cotton maker demanding short lead times from the die maker.

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Instant response is the key point here and for the die maker faster delivery and reliable product is that works.


• Reducing stock in warehouses which saves the rent as well as maintenance cost.
• Spending more money on stock is reduced.
• Stock wastage is reduced.
• Reduces the wastage of finished products due to the changes in the demand.
• Takes less time for scrutiny.
• Relationships between workers and also with suppliers are tremendously improved.


• If the stock is not supplied by supplier in time or if the goods are not delivered on time to customer, everything is waste.
• Sudden increase of demands by customers cannot be balanced.


• Frank poynter and Philip poynter felt that for cutting die boards for cutting die boards from plywood they need advanced technology like laser cutting for meeting the increasing standards demanded by customers.
• The latest technology that Arden dies uses is the laser cutting technology. The main reason why this technology been introduced is because laser cutting is been in the market since 1970 and it was already been in Germany. Arden dies made an agreement with the German company that they should only sent the die boards and the rest of the process would be completed by the Arden dies.
• Frank poynter has foreseen the future that if they didn’t implement the use of laser technology the other companies would do it in the future, finally they would loose their place in the market. That’s a clever decision taken by pointer in balancing the future market levels.


• Now the effects of using the laser technology are seen. The laser ensures that all stations on the die are correctly placed and also cutting upto width more precisive manner than the old jig saw method. While the laser beam is in the cutting edge as the laser is computer controlled, the computer control is responsible for giving the laser accuracy and also the ability to repeat the same shape automatically through the die.

• For the first time five years ago Arden dies invested 100,000 million on laser machine and got a profit of 250,000 and in these five years Arden dies invested 400,000 million and got a profit of 500,000 million.

• In 1979 the death of Philip poynter ,Martin poynter took the complete responsibility of the company and after seeing the tremendous improvement in the quality by the second laser machine another major decision was on introducing the another laser machine was taken.

• As now the work done in 25hrs could be done in 1 hr Arden dies introduced profit sharing scheme to workers by giving them 371/2 hrs per week.

• Here the main point was to increase the speed of production. As the production lines are going faster and faster due to this some factors are going to be effected like accuracy and also the cutting die .The entire of line of production would be stopped if one mistake happens here.

• But cotton makers continued with their traditional die making method. The charts produced by the die are not of much uniformity and also the customers are demanding the user of laser die ,the main important thing is that the investment of money for having the big laser cutting machines in the charted house only producing the charts not dies and Front pointer took the point and changed this way as now the laser cutting machines are also producing the charts and also dies ,this is an intelligent way of understanding the requirement of the customers and working according to it and also giving flexibility to customers.


• The programming of the laser was a big problem; the original paper tape method took a lot of time for producing the tapes. Next the tape will be taken down to the laser and store it up on the back of the laser and come back and check the drawing and then the machine cuts it and also the verifying that the cutting is going in the correct direction or not.


• One of the distinguishing feature in the company is using highly skilled men like Martin poynter who was the son of Managing Director Frank poynter and using his knowledge gained from University Of Salford for the development of their company and which led to the introduction of Numeric Control.

• Martin the says that the easiest way of verifying is through a main computer by connecting the machine tools to it .and also mini computers are linked to the main system and from this they are linked to many stations as the hard copy is being transferred to these stations for verification done by programmers and then sent to the machines ,hence the programs are verified thoroughly and this gives the drawing accuracy and from here the machine tools are linked directly .This process is done through a direct Numeric control.

• Arden dies is one of the six companies in Britain using the Numaric Control.

• In this Numeric Control even the operator have no fearing of loosing their jobs and they also have job satisfaction by writing programs for the machines.
• This is a simple laser free operation.
• Production increase.
• Reduction in tool maintenance.
• Decrease in set-up time.
• Flexibility in design changes.
• Increased Accuracy.
• Parts with more accuracy.
• Handling of parts is reduced.
• Quality control is improved.
• More uniform parts are achieved.
• Reduce labour costs.
• More economical ways of production.


• Initial cost is high.
• Maintaining power is essential.
• Operating cost per hour is high.
• Training of work force.


• The main problem is that in the above process is that the counter die cannot be formed here due to the base plate designed for the cotton. Now the use of DNC machining comes into the picture.

• The hard plastic which is used here has precision milled channels used in the same dimensional layout that are used for making the cotton die. Now there is an exact match between the die and the counter die.

• DNC control is used for cutting counter dies in a steel plate. The counter dies are used for making creases in the carton shape for their easy folding.


• The firm has achieved a new place in the market by offering its customers short lead times and greater accuracy.
• As Arden dies is the only company in Britain using this technology as a result the company is now getting orders from overseas.
• Expandable manufacturing system.
• Easy part programming.
• Storing of numerical information and can be reusable at any point of time.
• Reduction of operators.
• No training required for work force.
• Data for production like tool life, cost, production time are easily collected.


• Now Arden dies is completely focusing on new technology that is through the implementation of Computer Aided Design (CAD). As the pack design is being modeled on the system then the customers would develop that by themselves. The main point is using their expertise for designing and the customers would not struggle much as this a major problem faced by most of the designers of all industries.

• Arden dies offers a complete CAD/CAM system to their customers and the customers could alter the design within the Arden die campus such as producing films for customers etc and finally if they are satisfied the sample will undergo further improvements and then the program will be send down through the line to Arden dies and then they start cutting and ruling.

• Innovation of technology continues in the form of a line .Arden dies now achieved a balance between in house productions and the market beyond the gates of Arden dies. CAD was advantageous for both customer and also the manufacturer.


• Greater quality is achieved.
• Reliability is also achieved.
• Short lead times.
• Also led to product diversification.
• Brought customers more closely to Arden dies.
• Helpful for both customer and manufacturer.


• Arden dies started as a small firm in a cellular in Philip poynter house, today it grew to a very large firm employing over 30 highly skilled craftsmen and also introducing laser technology which led to many off spin benefits like increasing productivity and also introducing another laser machine and also introducing profit sharing scheme to all workers.
• This also led to the introduction of Numeric control and also to Direct Numeric Control and which led to off spin benefits like getting orders which were previously meant for over seas companies.
• This also led to the introduction of CAD/CAM technology which had many off spin benefits like bringing customers more closer to Arden dies and also increase in profits.
• Finally maintaining friendly relationship with the Karl Murbach who is a large West German die maker and having off spin benefits like exchange of software related to control systems and in turn getting advanced tools for their workshop.
• Which in turn led to product diversification like introducing more compatible material like laminate for die boards instead of plywood as laminate could resist to any changes in temperature at any stage of manufacturing.
• Thus the technological innovations which were created by the market and influencing it in all possible ways as seen in Arden dies. So let’s hope that Arden dies would prosper more in future and all the best for Arden dies.
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