Essay on Manufacturing Industry : Replace Assembly Line Workers

Essay on Manufacturing Industry : Replace Assembly Line Workers

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In Rochelle, Illinois, employees work in a life-threatening environment at a Nippon Sharyo factory. While assembling railroad cars, workers are poisoned from chromium by using inadequate safety equipment. They have to wear the same masks for three days when they do not even last the whole shift. People are constantly injured from faulty scaffoldings, and there is not enough fall protection for workers on top of the cars. In places with flammable material, there is a lack of proper ventilation to remove the vapor (Fortino). It is dangerous for people to work in such conditions. With the integration of industrial robots, however, the number of employees put in an unsafe situation will greatly drop. Even though the usage of industrial robots would displace workers, more robots should be used in the manufacturing industry to replace assembly line workers because they would create a safer and more productive working environment.

The main problem is that employees are faced with unsafe conditions at work. After being tested for chromium poisoning, multiple workers at the Nippon Sharyo facility showed high levels of a human carcinogen caused by chromium (Fortino). As evident at this rail car assembly plant, working violations do still exists, and not all of them are being solved. This factory has already been fined for inadequate ventilation before, a problem that is still there on the facility (Fortino). In other words, the original problems were never solved and other than the payment of the fine, there hasn’t been much done to improve the conditions at the factory. In conclusion, there are still safety violations in factories here in the US, and they are not being fixed.
Manufacturers that do not integrate industrial robots in facto...

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...ust like with any other piece of technology, automation will progress over time. will Shaped by new problems like compatibility and programming, improvements are constantly be made to counteract the complications.
Industrial robots should be brought into the the manufacturing industry because of all of the benefits they would bring into the workplace. With the help of robots, the workers at Nippon Sharyo would not have to suffer and face poor working conditions. Employees would watch over a factory of robots instead of doing dangerous work themselves. Jobs will be higher paying with more benefits, and productivity will rise. The integration of industrial robots is a must for manufacturers to survive in this competitive society. The use of robots will not be a detriment to the workplace. Instead, it is just the next step in the evolution of factory work, so why wait?

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