The Manufacturing Industry And The Rise Of The United States Essay

The Manufacturing Industry And The Rise Of The United States Essay

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The manufacturing industry has been a tremendous asset to the development and the quick rise of the United States. The manufacturing industry is accountable for the mass production of technology, machines, buildings, food, and even certain parts that can be manufactured to later complete a plane, car, etc. With the industrial revolution that occurred during the 18th and 19th century manufacturing industries came to be, eventually replacing difficult hands on labor with ease by introducing machines that were powered by fuel. With the fast development of the economy, there is a higher demand for products, the manufacturing industries then are in need for more labor workers thus increasing the money that they have to waste in order to pay the laborers. This problem was then solved by globalization in which a manufacturing industry is able to construct factories abroad, preferably in less developed countries where they can pay less to laborers for the same amount of work. Manufacturing industries tend to send their product to be made in other countries in order to maximize their profit a...

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