The Manor: A Day in the Life of a Medieval Serf

The Manor: A Day in the Life of a Medieval Serf

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In the medieval times everything had an order to follow, a price that had to be paid, and a contract that had to be obeid. Each person had a rank, which decides on your lifestyle and future for you and your descendants to come. A serf was at the bottom of the pyramid, therefore they had to work at sunrise to sunset. The lords and the ladies lived conformably in their glorious castle, which was flooded with servants. Alot of things obviously had change, which is the more reason to learn more about our history.

The cold air breathed through the holes, the light escaped the house throughout the day, and the house stood quietly in the fields, this is what the serf called home. The houses is mostly consists of wattle and daub. Wattle and daub is mainly willow or oak, which is than woven together, and covered with mud and clay. The floors are usually dirt, although some will covered it with layers of reeds for cushioning. Also because the serfs have no heaters they added straw to insulate the wall. The roofs are thatch, and manure was good for binding the whole mixture together. The serf’s houses are consisted of only two rooms, one with the hearth and the other contains a stove oven. Also because the chimney was not yet invented, they build in a hole on the roof. Although the serfs’

The serf daily life starts off by waking up as an early as 3am. After they will eat breakfast, which was usually pottage. Working in the fields was than their main job. This includes reaping, which is cutting crops for harvest, sowing, ploughing, haymaking, threshing, hedging and more. They farm because they had to work his lords land and paid the lord a certain dues in return of the use of the land. The payment can be money or food etc. The serfs had to pay 3 days a week, and if they didn’t work then they are punished or resign to a new owner. There other jobs for the serfs such as craftsmen, bakers, farmers, and tax collectors. Women had to maintain their household, and assists their husband. Usually the women serf can only be a maid, servant or nun.

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And children were very important although it was very dangerous, because childbirth was painful and since there were no medication the women usually died because of childbirth.

The manor is owned by medieval England’s’ wealthiest, who are the top of the federal system. The manor houses are made of stones and they are usually the larger with overflowing amount of rooms. The manor house also has a stone chimney and furniture in every single room. The wall with draped with tapestries, and the house are frame with timber and filled with weave mat (wattle and daub) Many servant was also included in the manor house. The lighting in the n\manor house is candles, torches, lanthorns. The room in the manor includes great hall, solar, garderobe, kitchen, buttery, and chapel.

The lord is the judge and jury of the court, and he make decision on punishments. The lord follow the feudal system and set up taxes and laws. Lady have to take care of children, take care of the household, entertaining guest, and they are put in charge of the lords absent. The lady are still mentally control by man , for before married their father control than husband . Boys are train as knight at age seven while the girls didn’t go to school, instead they are taught by their mother. Girls are taught to practice “feminine activities such as sew, read, read, and sing etc. Living as a lord and lady may have many responsibilities but they many opportunities such as having elaborate dinners, tournament as entertainment, and praying everyday.

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