Mankind Must Put an End to War Before War Puts an End to Mankind Essay examples

Mankind Must Put an End to War Before War Puts an End to Mankind Essay examples

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War has plagued society for as long as society has existed. While preventing the outbreak of war is a stated goal of the international community, wars continue to rage on. I think that the best way to avoid the outbreak of war is to subscribe to a liberalist theory. The key assumption of the liberalist theory is that the principles of liberalism, freedom, tolerance, progress, privacy, and scientific rationality, must be accepted universally (Ferraro, 03 Mar 2014). If these principles are implemented on a universal level, they will significantly reduce, if not eradicate, war. For example, the Rwandan genocide would not have occurred if the country subscribed to the liberal values. With tolerance for one another, the Hutu and Tutsi would not have resented one another as adversaries in the power structure of the country (Ferraro, 15 Apr 2014). Also, by approaching the problem with scientific rationality, they would have come to the conclusion that killing each other over a power system established by a foreign power was not attending to the root of the problem (Ferraro, 17 Apr 2014).
While it is impossible to implement the principles of liberalism on a universal level, there are several practical steps countries can take to prevent the outbreak of war, the first being to avoid imperialism. The practice of imperialism causes not only war, but also resentment between countries. Unmitigated war occurs when two or more counties are fighting over a territory. While France and Britain did not go to war over Fashoda, the race to this part of Africa exemplifies that both countries were willing to fight for the region, even though it had no known value (Ferraro, 20 Feb 2014). Resentment is created when a dominant country takes over a weake...

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...24 Feb.
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