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The dictionary version of a civilization is “the stage of human social and development organization that is considered most advanced”. Although by scientific standards that is correct, there is much more that goes into civilization. Although every civilization has rules,standards, and laws they also give people a choice. In the American constitution, it states”certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This may seem like a simple or meaningless satinets to some. But for me it means everything. It describes how as human beings, we have the right to choose. That one ability to pursue the thing or things make them happy is just as important as their right to be unhappy.

In Huxley’s novel and in the film, The Truman Show, freedom is so manipulated and tainted that by todays standards it could not be considered freedom at all. In both Brave New World and The Truman Show it shows the negative effects this type of society can cause. In both the novel and film it shows how drug or substance abuse must be enforced to pacify and conditioning are used a means to control the subject or subjects but only lead to physical or mental deterioration of the subjects.
Before I began to break down the points I will give you a brief overview of both the novel Brave New World and the film The Truman Show below.

Brave New World
This is by our current standards in 2014 what many may consider a dystopian society. But for most people who actually live there it is considered more of a Utopian society. Or at least the leaders, creators, ruling bodies of the society attempt to present it as so. Although many of the citizens of Brave New World’s society seem happy, it is only due to their ignorance. Th...

... middle of paper ...

... around him influenced him otherwise in obvious and subtle ways.

In both Brave New World and The Truman Show it demonstrates thow this type of society can negatively effect its subjects. Both the novel and film reflect distasteful use of drugs or substances to and conditioning are used a means to control the subject or subjects but only lead to physical or mental deterioration of the subjects.

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