Essay about The Manifesto For Class Antagonism

Essay about The Manifesto For Class Antagonism

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The Manifesto begins with history about two groups: bourgeoisie and proletarians. Due to class antagonism, society has split into two major groups: bourgeoisie and proletariat. The bourgeoisie was made due to class members producing and trading. Increase of production individuals couldn 't keep up with the pace until the middle class began to take over. This then began the Industrial Revolution. Due to this revolution, the bourgeoisie has become a wealthy and powerful class of individuals. The bourgeoisie help the proletarian class by giving these individuals jobs, but giving them little pay. This is very similar to the tyrant and king comparison that Aristotle made in last weeks selection. The tyrant takes everything for himself, not thinking of his constituents. The king thinks of his constituents before himself. This then leads into discussion of communism which will be disused later in the journal. Additionally, the market is in constant growth as it begins to establish connection throughout the world. Therefore, all countries become independent upon the bourgeoisie.
Furthermore, after the Manifesto examines the bourgeoisie, it changes its attention to the proletariat. When the bourgeoisie began gain momentum so did the proletariat, and it is this class Marx believes that will later destroy the bourgeoisie. However, the bourgeoisie seem to always be the ultimate power. This class is much needed for the bourgeoisie because this is the class of individuals that fuels the production. However, due to capitalism, and the constant competition of price levels, citizens are constantly forced into working class. This is one way the proliferate become so large and strong. Furthermore, due to the growing bourgeoisie, the proletariat wor...

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...the factory workers, the tramp in this instance, as machine like by trying to make him work during his lunch. Also, two scenes that I found to be similar were the jail scene and also the ending. In the jail scene the proletarian criminals began to conquer the policemen, the bourgeoisie, but in the end the bourgeoisie came out ahead. In a similar case, at the end when the both the female and the Tramp “made it” in a sense, but both had to scurry away because the policemen, the bourgeoisie were coming out ahead again. My favorite scene was actually the ballroom scene at the end because it seemed so much funny things took place here. For example, when the Tramp was waiting on the older gentlemen and his order kept getting pushed back. Also, when the Tramp had to sing and his cuffs flew off which made him have to improvise the song. I found this to be very comical.

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