Essay on The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program

Essay on The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program

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The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program
During the 1950s through the late 1960s the United States went through an era of curriculum reform. Throughout this time, multiple organizations, in various schools, were developed, such as, the School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG), Physical Science Study Committee (PSSC), the Contemporary Music Project, as well as the Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program (MMCP). The purpose of these organizations was to develop new curricula; test and revise said curricula, as well as offer summer programs to train educators in the newly developed curricula. These programs became quite popular throughout the United States among educators, and encouraged educators, in all disciplines, to grow in their understanding of their content area and how to share that information with their students.
The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Program, and other organizations, were the direct result of the United States “failing the space race.” In October 1957, “Sputnik” was launched into space by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet Union. Politicians and journalists pointed to the United States educational system as being flawed and ineffective to explain the technology gap between the United States and the Soviets. Given the United States “flawed” education system, the United States federal government introduced a piece of legislation “The National Defense Education Act” (NDEA). This legislation allowed for the federal government to contribute more funds to public education than had ever been allowed previously. Under the Umbrella of the Office of Education, President John F. Kennedy created the Cultural Affairs Program. This program ...

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...covery approaches;" (2) "to develop a meaningful sequence of basic musical concepts in terms of the children 's understanding;" and (3) "to more closely unify philosophies and directions of all areas and levels of music learning through the development of a spiral-type curriculum." (2)

The curriculum that was developed by the MMCP is based on a set of principles, objectives, spiral curriculum, and description of appropriate environment.
of the MMCP curriculum are identified as “Discovery”, “Concepts”, “Skills”, “Today”, and “Totality”.

The main objectives of the MMCP are can be broken down into four main ideas: Cognitive objectives, Attitudinal objectives, Skill objectives, and Aesthetic objectives. These four objectives all function under the principles that curriculum

Cognitive objectives

Attitudinal objectives

Skill objectives

Aesthetic objectives

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