The Manh Me's Voyage Essay

The Manh Me's Voyage Essay

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The ‘S.V. Manh Me’- will she make it? Will I make it? The rusty courageous old carrier lurches and groans as she battles her way through the severe conditions. The screaming sound of her engine appears so powerful and forceful. She’s on a mission. To save us all from our grave. The prison camp, the guards- a direct road to death. We had no hope of surviving there. It was only a matter of time. Escaping seemed like the right thing to do. The only thing I could do. But… what next? Will I ever see my Vietnamese grandparents again? The sad reality is, probably not! The sudden upheaval in my life is mind-boggling. Far too much for me too handle.

Words can’t explain my fear of the monstrous seas and the thought of dying at sea continually nags at me. The waves surge us up so rapidly only to send us violently crashing back down again. Each time the old girl creaks and shudders a little more. My stomach lurches with the motion. Like I am on a roller coaster or skydiving. As the waves come crashing down onto the decks, I feel that each one is the one that will swallow me into the depths of darkness.

The combination of fear, hunger and boredom is overwhelming. It causes me to think over everything. What does the future hold? Do I even have a future? Sometimes the unknown is even more frightening than the known. Most of this trip I have spent daydreaming, trying to pass the time. Was escaping and running away from my own country the right thing to do? Will it prove to be the best option? Should I have left Thanh, my partner in crime? Was it selfish of me? Is he alive or dead? Did he manage to escape at all? Or is he still suffering in that place that was so much like hell? Will the guards track me down? What will happen to me if I get...

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...ard once that “Positive things happen to positive people”.

Suddenly stunned. I stop. I am struck by something lurking around on the surface, now only five meters away. Could it be another survivor? Hopeful… I call out. No reply. Only one meter away… It continues to move steadily closer. Now I can see it. Those tiny yellow beady eyes, that thick long scaly body, the strong jaws and rows of piercing teeth. It’s a fierce-looking prehistoric creature that I had only ever seen in books. Snap!

“The Manh Me’ sank completely only 4 hours later. 1 survivor made it safely to shore in the crocodile infested waters of Sunshine Bay in the Northern Territory. He is being held in custody for questioning and will probably be sent back to Vietnam as soon as possible. The remnants of the criminal escapees and potential refugees have been collected for claiming by relatives.”

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