Essay about Mandatory Probation And Parole Should Not Be A Part Of Society

Essay about Mandatory Probation And Parole Should Not Be A Part Of Society

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There other options available to those who have been convicted of a crime besides continuous incarceration. Two of these options include probation and parole. To understand how they work, there has to be an understanding of what they each are and how they are alike, what the advantages are, and what the disadvantages are for both. Alternative options come with a lot of back and forth on whether they are effective or not. It is a community’s job to figure out what works best for them.
First up is knowing the definition of both parole and probation. Parole is “the supervised early release of inmates from correctional confinement” (Schmalleger, 2014, p. 304). Probation is “a sentence served while under supervision in the community” (Schmalleger, 2014, p. 300). Both of these options allow for those convicted of crimes to continue to be a part of the community while still being monitored and supervised (Schmalleger, 2014). These alternatives to incarceration allow for those convicted to still be a part of society. These options allow those that have been convicted of a crime to retain their places in their communities, while still serving their restrictive time.
Next to be discussed are that advantages of parole and probation. One of the main and biggest arguments for parole and probation is the cost. Our book notes that the cost of incarceration per year in Georgia can reach p to $39,501, while the cost per probationers can be as low as $1,321 (Schmalleger, 2014). If more offenders could be placed on parole or probation, it would save more money that could then go towards different facades of a state’s budget. Another advantage is increased employment. With having those convicted of a crime out on parole or probation, they “make it ...

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...nders will go out and cost the economy more in other aspects than they would if they were incarcerated for any particular time. These disadvantages are meant to give a look at the threats that parole and probation poses to the society,
Sentencing can be handed down in different forms other than incarceration. For many people convicted of crimes, parole and probation are options for how then can serve time. In order to understand the purpose of these options, there must be an understanding on what these options actually are and how they are alike, the advantages must be understood, and the disadvantages must also be understood as well. These options both impact the offender and the community in different ways. The impact they make, whether it be good or bad can be seen, appreciated, and scrutinized on many different levels depending on a person’s stance on the topic.

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