Mandatory Military Conscription and Its Effect on Society Essay

Mandatory Military Conscription and Its Effect on Society Essay

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In todays society the war in the Middle East can be considered a controversial topic. The men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan put their lives on the line every day to help keep our country free. No one has forced them to serve in the United States Armed Forces they have made their own conscience decision to serve. However these men and women only make up a small percentage of the United States population. Should all men and women be required to serve in the U.S. armed forces when they graduate from high school or should the United States require mandatory military service?
Mandatory military service, or conscription, may be as old as mankind itself. Conscription says that during a time of war all able bodied men and women must serve to defend their country. Many people commonly know conscription by another name, the draft. Most governments use conscription at some point in time, most commonly
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when the voluntary enlistment of soldiers fails to meet military needs. Conscription was a very widespread practice in Europe in the nineteenth century.
Military conscription was first imposed during the American civil war. There was a shortage of soldiers and the government thought that a draft was the best way to gain manpower. The Union Enrolment Act of 1863 drafted all able bodied men between the ages of twenty and forty five years of age. Many people at the time became very angry because any person who could pay a fee in the amount of three hundred dollars could be excused from military service. Many riots occurred and about one thousand people were injured.
The second war in which the United States imposed the draft was World War I. In 1917, one month after the United States entered the war, congr...

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