Mandatory Hpv Vaccine Needs And Injection Of Reality Essay

Mandatory Hpv Vaccine Needs And Injection Of Reality Essay

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Even as recently as twenty years ago doctors quietly implemented new medical initiatives without much feedback from the public. Presently, the ubiquity of the internet means that new ideas are likely to be dissected in depth. For example, when the administration of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine first became mandatory in several states, social discourse bled into all media formats where doctors, parents, and health care advocates all had an opinion to share. Even when two people agreed, they may have agreed for different reasons, and used different methods to communicate their views. Examples of this are seen by examining two articles from 2007, when the subject of HPV vaccination first came under intense public scrutiny. While two authors-- Arthur Allen and Mike Adams-- counsel against mandatory HPV vaccination, Allen bases his opposition on statistics and social factors, while Adams makes his stance based on political and perhaps personal concerns.
Journalist and author, Arthur Allen, in his 2007 Washington Post article “The HPV Vaccine Needs and Injection of Reality,” argues against mandatory HPV vaccination for social andfinancial reasons. He opens his argument against mandated vaccination by conceding that similar programs have been successful. As an example, he compares the success of the 90’s initiative to vaccinate babies against Hepatitis B with the potential success of the current HPV vaccine initiative. “In the early 1990s,” he states, “about 250,000 Americans were infected with hepatitis B each year” (448). He then cites a reputable source which studied the success of the hepatitis B vaccine, finding that “the number of new cases had fallen to about 50,000. . .” (449). Yet in spite of the stati...

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...nt, he maintains there will be no true information about the vaccine unless his readers help spread the word (447).
Allen makes a generally political and personal argument against the HPV vaccination, without backing up claims with reputable sources. His use of inflammatory language and broad, unsubstantiated claims comes across as disingenuous as best at ignorant at worst. As a result, his argument suffers. In contrast, Adams, through the use of professional language and reputable, verifiable sources and examples, makes a stronger argument. While both men found that the vaccine was expensive and lacked credibility, Adams is the author readers and leaders might be more inclined to listen to. However, Allen assuredly found an audience for his controversial views, too. The internet has changed not only how we discuss medicine, but how we think about it.

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