Mandatory Food Labeling For Gmos Essay

Mandatory Food Labeling For Gmos Essay

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GMO Labeling Laws
Hemphill, T. A., & Banerjee, S. (2014). Mandatory Food Labeling for GMOs. Regulation, 37(4), 7-10. Retrieved September 27, 2015.
This article discusses the use of GMOs in everyday life, and the effects of it. The article stated that: “Pro-GMO advocates cite both cost and choice problems with mandatory-labeling edicts”. In 2014 Cornell University proposed that in the new labeling law was enacted it would cost the “average American household $500 extra per year”. New labeling would cause an aversion to foods with GMOs and lead to more and more food waste. The “lack of certainty about the safety of GMOs” is the driving force behind the anti-GMO supporters. The report also states that GMO labeling has been in question for 15 years and it has just made some traction on the state level, starting in Vermont.
This article was found using the U of Idaho library system. This is a strong resource because of its currency, reliability, validity and source credibility. The article compiles a research from many different sources to create credibility and reliability. The authors both studied extensively in their fields to provide accurate and high quality information. Dr. Thomas A. Hemphill is an Associate Professor of Strategy, Innovation, and Public Policy in the School of Management, University of Michigan-Flint and an Economic and Regulatory Expert at the American Action Forum. Hemphill received his Ph.D. in Business Administration. In addition to his scholarly research, Dr. Hemphill has published editorial opinion pieces concerning business and the economy in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, RealClearMarkets, and The American. His counterpart Dr. Sy Banerjee is an Associate Professor of Marketing at UM-...

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... labeling bill passed by the House is passed by the Senate then Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Minnesota laws about food labelling will be invalidated (Spencer, 2015).
Bob Woods, CEO of Seattle Target Growth in Nature Biotechnology said that if there are going to be any GMO labeling laws, it would be enacted by the federal government, not the individual state governments (Kling, 2014).
Wozniacka reported in The Washington Post, that since growing GMOs in Josephine and Jackson County has been banned, it will drive out the major corporations that thrive off the use of GMOs, such as Monsanto and Syngenta (Wozniacka, 2014).
Over the last 25 years, a majority of American-consumer surveys on GMO foods reveal that more than 90 percent want GMO retail food labels to be mandatory, as stated by Thomas Hemphill and Banerjee in the Regulation at Cato Institute (Hemphill, 2014).

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