Mandatory Financial Assistance For Federal Student Aid Essay

Mandatory Financial Assistance For Federal Student Aid Essay

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Growing up kids aspire to be doctors, police officers, firefighters, the list is endless. They want to do something that they love for a living. In order to achieve those childhood aspirations they first have to get through years of college. But the problem we are having presently is that most kids cannot even afford to attend college. Our income is the deciding factor in if we can gain higher education or not. As a result, most kids seek for assistance from FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to help pay for them to go to college. However, more than half of the applicants get denied and do not receive any financial assistance. Most of the money is being given to students that do not need it or in the end do not even take proper advantage of it. Some that are granted FAFSA are barely maintaining their GPA above a 2.0. (Which is the lowest your GPA can be in order to keep on receive financial assistance) It is unfair how the government is distributing money to a few unmotivated kids while a few motivated ones are struggling. It is unfair to have students determine their future by whether or not they can afford higher education, even with a small amount of help from FAFSA.
My income should not be my main ‘label’ when it comes to schools deciding if they want to give financial assistance to me or not. I should be ‘labeled’ academically and not economically. Sandy Baum, a Higher Education Analyst, states, "... The income distribution is more and more unequal, lots of people really cannot afford this, and we are giving a lot of the money to people who could be fine without it." ( There are families out there that work hard and contribute fairly to society but in the end do not get rewarded for it?...

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... of disappointment for them considering that even after all the money that they are granted based off the income that they are ‘labeled’ they still cannot afford it. It is unfair to have students reconsider their career choices based on if they can be able to pay their way into college or not. Income should not be the deciding factor in if a student should go to school or not. Higher education is more valuable that people prioritize it to be. It is unfair to have kids debase themselves all for not being financially strong. There are kids out there that are academically acceptable to colleges but are not financially acceptable for them. So then you have colleges emphasizing financial aid but what good does a small amount of assistance do for a whole lot of tuition? When will financial aid be more of a benefit for low income students rather than just a chump of change?

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