Mandatory Final Exam At Universities And Proposes A New Method Essay

Mandatory Final Exam At Universities And Proposes A New Method Essay

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Courses for decades have been taught in the traditional manner where a student takes several exams throughout the semester and then a final, timed exam. The final exam is a typical way for instructors to determining how well a student has learned a subject throughout the semester. Is this really the best format for a student to learn and have a deep understanding of the material covered in the course? Some students do well on a timed exam, but outside the testing environment show no deep understanding of the subject that was covered. The traditional format of a timed exam certainly has its limitations. Lately, many professionals have been looking into teaching methods which would be the most effective way for students to learn new material.
The article “Eliminate Final Exam in Intro to Flight Through the Use of Portfolios?” written by Dr. Aaron Altman focuses on the methods of teaching at universities and proposes a new method. This new method of teaching calls for final, timed exams to be replaced by the use of portfolios. Benjamin Bloom, John Biggs, K. Collis, and others have investigated how individuals learn and how they master the material. Bloom created a baseline in which teaching methods can be evaluated by a hierarchy of educational objectives. The article states “Bloom identified six levels within the cognitive domain from the simple recall or recognition of facts, as the lowest level, through increasingly more complex and abstract mental levels, to the highest order, classified as evaluation, (Altman 2). There are more details with regards to Bloom’s research, but reflection, evaluation, and critique are within Bloom’s highest educational objective. It would be difficult to have an exam that would satisfy those specifi...

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...wer. I would tend to call those closed loop problems. There was not much emphasis on open ended problems. For example, working at WPAFB for the past four months I’ve already encountered many open ended problems that no book could show me how to solve. Yes, you use previous knowledge that you learned in previous courses to figure out the issue, but it is up to you to solve the open ended real world problems.
I have never had a portfolio based course and never have composed a portfolio, but I believe after a few interactions of composing the biweekly ones I will get the hang of it. I feel the portfolio will allow me to focus more on the subject matter of compressible flow, and not focusing on what material to know for an exam. At work, all I deal with is compressible flow and I am expecting to learn more in this portfolio based course versus a tradition based course.

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