Essay on Mandatory Drug Testing Should Be Banned

Essay on Mandatory Drug Testing Should Be Banned

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Middle schools are now sending permission slips for parent to allow their child to take a drug test before they can partake in any activity. Any activity such as scrapbooking or photography shouldn’t involve a test stating that students are drug free. The whole twelve to thirteen year olds being drugs tested controversy has started an uproar in parents. Parents understand that athletes have to be tested to prove they aren’t taking any dope but cannot wrap around their heads of their children having too in order to join a club. Middler schoolers should not be allowed to perform a drug test before partaking in any school event because it is not sports related.
Many schools around the United States have conducted drug tests. States like Florida, Alabama, Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio, and so on. Principals clarify that what they are doing is helping middle schoolers. By providing these tests, they strongly believe that the students will change their perspective on drug taking. However, asking for a minor to urinate in a cup, is a violation. Why? Well, in an ABC news article questioning if middle school drug testing is an overbearing policy, one student said “It’s disgusting; they make you go into a restroom and you come out with a cup and it’s really awkward because other people are standing there” (Foudy and Whitman).Due to this, parents have taken their children out of extracurricular events and have taken it to the courts. There have been several court cases about drug testing in schools but every court case says that drug testing is an effective deterrent when it is not.
The fourth amendment gives the right to allow people to be safe in their homes, papers, and person against unreasonable searches. In the legal system we a...

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...ehavior, grades, and possibly what they text their friends. Some signs that needs to go noticed when noticing if children are taking drugs. The sudden loss of money in a wallet, using excessive mints, missing medications, and much more. If a child has a negative impact towards everything such a grade, clubs, even towards people, then the conclusion of that child using drugs is true. If not helped correctly, this can lead to an addiction. An addiction can lead to jail, death, treatment, or a trip to the Dr. Phil show.
There are ways to prevent children from taking drugs or smoking. By giving them the proper education of drugs and how it can affect them negatively, can lead them to making the right choice. Instead of schools giving drug testing kits, they should give books, papers, research, and documentaries, There should be classes. The more education the better.

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