Mandatory Drug Testing in High School Helps Prevent Drug Abuse Essay

Mandatory Drug Testing in High School Helps Prevent Drug Abuse Essay

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“The only way to have a drug free school is to follow the successful program
of the military and workplace”. This is stated by Rep. John E. Peterson in 2005.
In today’s volatile times, drug use is becoming more casual in high schools
around the country. Many schools are having to face this struggle against drug
use. Thus, I affirm that Resolved: Drug testing of high school extracurricular
activity participants is justified.To aid clarification in this round, I now present the
following definitions asdefined by the Webster Dictionary in 2005:Extracurricular
activity: not following or related to the curriculum, outside of one’s duties.
Drug: a non-prescribed, illegal chemical substance that affects the central
nervous system causing changes in behavior and strong dependency, addiction.
Consistent: holding true as a group, not contradictory. Justice: The principal of
moral rightness, fairness. The upolding of fair treatment, honor, standards, or
law. My value will be safety. Safety can be defined as freedom from danger, risk
or injury. Therefore, my criterion will be compliance of participants. Students
joining these activities must fulfill certain responsibilities to themselves and their
fellow teammates. Only with this compliance ensured, can safety of the student
be upheld.Contention One: Drug testing of participants is relevant to the lowering
of crime rates, and prevents threats against the safety of their fellow students.
As stated in Wikipedia in 2005, One high school in Oceanside, California,
conducted a study in 1997 in which they started drug testing extracurricular
participants before joining the activities. Positive outcomes occurred in the
school’s programs. The study showed that dr...

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...they quit and then they were to be retested in ninety days. If the student tested positive again after the ninety days, he or she would be expelled from school and forced to enroll in substance abuse classes. These policies offer consequences to scare students, but more need to be added. The new policy would allow students three strikes before they are expelled. The first time a student fails the test, the student’s parents would be notified of what their child has done and the student would be retested. If the student fails the second test, they would be suspended and forced to attend a substance abuse class while on suspension. If that did not work and the student failed the test for a third time, the student would be expelled and put in a detox program. With those consequences, the students would decrease their use of illegal drugs if not stop it all together.

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