Mandatory Curfew For Minors, Crime, And Crime Essay

Mandatory Curfew For Minors, Crime, And Crime Essay

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In today’s society, countless people fear that if teens are out late, they are participating in mischief or that they are more likely to be involved in criminal activity. Various individuals feel that by creating a citywide curfew for minors, crime would be reduced. However, in reality, these crimes are committed during the day by adult offenders, not by individuals under the age of 18. Additionally, there are instances when it is acceptable for a young student to be out late at night. As a result, a curfew for teenagers would not be the right way to go.
When I earned my driver’s license, I was so excited to finally be able to experience “freedom.” One of the things my friends and I enjoyed doing, was meeting at the local grocery store parking lot after it had closed and playing corn hole and listening to music. There was no mischief, no crime, just a group of friends hanging out and having fun. In fact, the local police even came by and played corn hole with us during some of those nights. During football season my group of friends always enjoyed going out to eat after a huge win or even after a loss. We stayed out and talk about what had happened during our game. Also, occasionally my group of friends stayed out till almost 1:00 a.m. In some cases, especially if the game had been lost, being with friends and talking about the plays, as well as the mistakes we made, were important to us. These were some of the greatest nights of my life. There were no thoughts of crime or getting into mischief; it was all about being with friends and talking about the game. I will always remember these times. If new curfew laws were enacted, the new generation at our school would not be able to enjoy these same experiences that are importan...

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...on their parents; however, there comes a time in every one’s life where they need to make their own decisions. Society must learn to trust its youth, but the youth should be accountable and responsible for his or hers decisions.
Furthermore, if our town were to introduce new laws that would enforce a curfew for those younger than eighteen, we would be limiting the freedoms that several of us grew up with. There are numerous other solutions to this problem which do not include creating a curfew. One solution could be educating new drivers on the dangers of nighttime driving or restricting nighttime drivers who are caught committing crimes. Young drivers would then notice the signs of danger at night and know that they should go home. Instead of creating new curfew laws, we should focus on educating our youth to watch for the dangers that come when driving at night.

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