Mandatory Concealed Handgun On Public University Property Essays

Mandatory Concealed Handgun On Public University Property Essays

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There are two types of people in this world, ones who believe there are dangerous people and the ones who believe that there are dangerous guns. It has been a huge controversy for the past decade, especially with the mass shootings occurring in the U.S. more frequently. Government has always tried to force gun control by prohibiting it across America, like the drug and alcohol prohibitions. Except we never learn from our mistakes and history truly does repeat itself when we do not learn from the past. When we prohibited drugs and alcohol, it was sold anyways and it became more dangerous with all of the violence that was dragged along with it. We have to think of new ways to be able to still have gun control, yet make the U.S. a safer place to live among. One of those new ways that we are trying is the new college carry down in Texas, starting August 1, 2016 a CHL is able to carry a concealed handgun on public University property. I will explain more of many different theories during the paper.

In this generation, in this world all we ever go based off of is statistics, whether it may be for deaths by a firearm or how many people skip school throughout the year. Our society runs off of statistics, it gives us the power to plan ahead of either what might
happen, or what will happen in the future. The amount of gun statistics is bewildering, there is so much information of age, race, and place that you can find with this information. Approximately over 283 out of 322 million civilians own some type of firearm in their household. 4.5 million firearms are sold yearly, including 2 million handguns, yet the amount of households with guns are declining. There are more firearms that are sold, than the amount of people who act...

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... were stable and ready enough to be able to carry a handgun. The college carry also allows many to the right to self-defense, since many are able to defend themselves at home, but not on campus. A bigger pro that stands out to me is the ability to protect large groups from harm. Seeing how in the case of the Oregon shooting someone on that campus would’ve had the possibility to be able to protect that group from harm if they were allowing college carry.

Yet, there are also many cons to the college carry that are major factors in the decision. One of the main cons that many people see is all of the hormones, drinking, drugs, partying, and drama on campus plus guns is just not a good mixture. For example; you are at one of the frat parties at A&M with over 300 people there and everyone is drinking, while some are smoking, and you have a fight break out over two

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