Managment's Decision on the Future of Organization in South Africa Essay

Managment's Decision on the Future of Organization in South Africa Essay

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The United Stated with liberty and justice for all. Should our companies be an allowed to use the means of our financial investment to be able to voice our opinion about how we feel about how the South Africa Government operates their country?
In my opinion Caltex’s plan was important to the South African. It allowed the black majority to be able to have top jobs in their companies and it also helped them to be able to be with and care for families and dependants. Blacks had no right to vote, they had to use separate areas from whites in public, including dining places, bathrooms, transportation, and others. Caltex became a founder signatory of the Sullivan Principles in South Africa.
s. I believe that Caltex did that they produced the product and also recognize the rights of the manual workers. Being moral and ethically wrong is what happens in this situation.
Because of how the blacks were not allowed to be with their families they were forced to live in high racially segregated part of the county, they were prohibited from socializing with Whites It is obviously clear that as hard as they worked they were paid unfairly. The worse was not being able to associate with a coworker just because they were white. Apartheid laws won the supremacy of whites they defiantly had control over the country even though they are out number by blacks.
Some of the benefits were that Caltex employment policies include equal pay for the same work benefit plans and it will allow the advancement in the company regardless of race based on job performance that turned out to be a great for the native people but my feelings are that it is so much more important to care about the moral rights and justice for all.

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...he rate of return on its investment as the ultimate criteria for deciding what investments it should make my answer is No!
The main responsibility for profit and return on investment is with the management owners and Board of Directors. It is untimely their decision to come to consensus for the future of their organization in South Africa.
Is it that relevant to be so concerned with the way the south government choices to have control over its native people, the answer is maybe? As an organization that is governed by the Laws of another government because we are investing in their governments do we have to show Moral responsibilities to them or to our employees?
We must take the time to examine ourselves. Think about this how we do as human beings respond in these situations when we obviously know that facts about right, wrong.

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