Managing Time as an Adult Learner

Managing Time as an Adult Learner

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Managing time as an adult learner is by far harder than it sounds. Today’s life including work, house chores, cooking, family time and college is a stressful situation. As numerous findings, researches, there are a grand variety of tips and strategies that can help us as an adult. As we evaluate, prioritize, separate time for the mentioned above we will be able to sharpen study skills and achieve ultimate goals. Can we manage time as an adult learner with so much responsibilities?

Managing time as an adult learner can be one of the hardest situation you will encounter in your life, if of course you did not attend college when you were supposed to. If you did complete your degree at the specific time society tells us to, congratulations. As for the rest of us that fall under the necessity or the wanting to achieve a higher education of learning as an adult it will be quiet the journey, which will come in form of lots of stress and sacrifice.
Evaluating time will set the tone for your time management. Once you identify how much time you have for learning, you block a certain period of time. No two adult learners are exactly alike. Only they will know the schedule they are currently keeping and which areas they are willing to adjust so they will be able to finish their degree. If an education is truly important to them - the adult learner will find a way (Douglas, V. 2012).
Prioritizing time is critical due to ways of learning and levels of energy. When studying, get in the habit of beginning with the most difficult subject or task. You will be fresh, and have more energy to take them on when you are at your best. For more difficult courses of study, try to be flexible: for example, build in reaction time when you can get feedback on assignments before they are due (“Time Management” n.d.).
How to use your time will be decided by the adult learner. No adult will have the exact amount of time as the following adult. For example each can use a calendar based off of your syllabus using due dates so you can better your time management. Create mini deadlines were you can give yourself time to proof read and make any changes you see fit according to Yager (2012) Time Management for Online Learners.

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Identifying what is more important in an adult learner’s time will be in order of necessity. All of your time is equally important, but there must be a balance at all times for most of them are related to another. For example: to have a family you need to work to economically support them, work brings security to your family, completing a degree will give you better opportunities at your job, your job will pay for you college and the opportunity given by the degree at your job may allow you to have more family time. When mastering time you will be successful.
Family can be the motivation to push you to have a better life. As an Adult learner you must find time to study and sometimes you will have to shorten family time for your educational goal. Many adult learners will feel they are neglecting their family and other obligations so they may choose to put their education on hold while their children are growing up. All of these situations make it incredibly difficult for the adult learner. It becomes a balancing act to make sure they do not become overstressed, overworked, or overloaded (Douglas, V. 2012).
Without a job life can be chaos that being said as adult we need to work to live. It is important that your employers known that you are going to college to work out a more appealing schedule that works for the business as well as for the student. This way they could focus their schooling more appropriately around the new schedule - this may help them manage their time more efficiently as well (Douglas, V. 2012).
Studies is the reason of the whole discussion so it is imperative that you assigned a certain amount of time for your schooling. Because of time constraints you will need to find a place where you fill comfortable and zero distractions so you can concentrate on the task. Make sure you set certain amount of time for studies and an amount of time for breaks.
The adult learner must improve their study skills. By improving study skills they can spend more time with their family and friends. Most would prefer reading a book one time while increasing their comprehension of the content instead of reading it several times because they do not remember what it is they read. Most people would like to read it only once or maybe a few times -in order to do that you have to maximize your study skills. By doing this, they will improve the time they have available to enjoy other things in their lives (Douglas, V. 2012).
Achieving your goal is the end of your long journey. “Instead of feeling overwhelmed, and wondering how you'll do it all, believe that you can do it all” Yager (2012). Set small goals like finishing a class or several classes in a certain amount of time like 3 to 4 a year. Make sure you pat yourself in the back and reward yourself.
Visualize your goal. The adult learner must always keep their mind set on the goal. They must stay positive and believe that anything is possible if they set their mind to it. Adults graduate all the time - so it is conceivable and if they believe they can finish, they will. Many attending college these days are older adults; it helps to remember that you're not alone (Douglas, V. 2012).

Life is full of obstacles that can prevent us from achieving goals. An adult learner will always have the deciding factor on either pushing forward or quitting. If you are willing there are ways to overcome and complete your educational goal. As long as you evaluate, prioritize, establish and how to use the time you are heading on the right path. Being organized is essential for an adult learner. Splitting your time wisely as in for work, family and studies will allow you to concentrate and be more efficient. Sharpening your study skills by tips and strategies will be key to success in your journey. Visualize your end goal and never look back. Have that positive outlook in life and believe you can achieve it. Managing time as adult learner will definitely allow you to achieve all goals in life.

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