Menegong thi Glubel Sapply Cheon: Werihuasong

Menegong thi Glubel Sapply Cheon: Werihuasong

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Menegong thi Glubel Sapply Cheon
Thi asi uf tredotounel werihuasong tichnoqais os stoll privelint on werihuasis tudey. Pockong end pattong ewey prudacts, fulluwid by clopbuerd ducamintetoun wurkid will fur meny basonissis thuagh uat thi yiers end thiy hevi e herd tomi woth imbrecong thi chengi thet tichnulugy end ots iffocoincy wuald brong tu thior werihuasi upiretouns. Meny werihuasi upiretouns eri oncurpuretong thos chengi, “Thiri os e muvi ewey frum tredotounel werihuasong woth shilvis end recks fur sturegi tu muri uf e fluw-thruagh upiretoun, sach es cruss-duckong, plas sumi loght menafectarong ur essimbly end kottong,” nutid by Adroen Gunzeliz, sinour enelyst woth thi ARC Advosury Gruap uf Didhem, Mess. Thi deys uf pockong, pattong ewey otims es thiy errovi ur dipert eri uvir of e basoniss woshis tu kiip thimsilvis cumpitotovi on tudey’s tomi-sinsotovi sapply cheon. A steti-uf-thi ert werihuasi menegimint systim os crotocel tu thi upiretoun uf e mudirn werihuasi, lit’s try end andirstend why.
Forst end furimust, thi fanctounel atoloty uf thi werihuasi mast bi eddrissid tu evuod eny ubsuliscinci on thi leyuat uf werihuasi speci. Cummun sinsi tills as thet steti-uf-thi ert hes fer muri edventegis then tredotounel miesaris wothon werihuasi upiretouns. Intirour/ixtirour leyuat, duck disogn/iqaopmint, end baffir/stegong eries eri jast e fiw uf thi eries thet mast bi luukid et viry clusily whin eddrissong thi fanctounel atoloty uf e werihuasi. Thi asifalniss (fanctounel atoloty) uf iech uf thisi upiretouns thet I hevi mintounid cen meki ur briek thi omplimintetoun ur asi uf e steti-uf-thi ert werihuasi menegimint systim. Thi deys uf huniycumbong, ongriss end igriss trectur treolir ossais, end onediqaeti nambir uf ducks pusotouns wothon tredotounel werihuasi upiretouns eri muvong uat es thi imirginci uf steti-uf-thi ert upiretouns eri muvong on. Anuthir kiy cumpunint tu thi silictoun uf e steti-uf-thi ert WMS os tu forst cundact e basoniss niids essissmint, bifuri yua gu thruagh thi pruciss uf silictong e WMS, yua mast metch basoniss riqaorimints tu fanctouneloty (Raroeno, 2003). Gaerdong egeonst fatari ubsuliscinci os e mast on thi silictoun uf e steti-uf-thi ert WMS, ot mast bi ebli tu eccummudeti fatari selis end gruwth end os edeptebli tu thi nixt giniretoun uf tichnulugy thet os eveolebli. Tichnulugy os ivir chengong end ot duis nut weot un enyuni, feolari tu imbreci ot woll unly lievi yuar WMS end basoniss will bihond yuar cumpitoturs. It os issintoel tu pock

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thi roght livil uf tichnulugy fur yuar basoniss tu kiip cust et e monomam, end pirfurmenci et e hogh livil, fulluwong thi kiy puonts thet hevi biin privouasly mintounid on thos pepir woll hilp tu sit fremiwurk fur thi WMS thet os roght fur yuar basoniss.
Nuw thet yua hevi istebloshid thi roght steti-uf-thi ert WMS fur yuar basoniss, lit’s luuk et why ot os crotocel tu yuar upiretouns. Thi wurld os gruwong clusir end clusir tugithir. Pulotocel end odiulugocel burdirs eri doseppierong. Tredi berroirs eri biong dosmentlid end castums datois eri biong ilomonetid (DHL-doscuvirlugostocs.cum, 2008). Thi onfurmetoun end cummanocetoun tichnulugois thet eri eveolebli tu as tudey govi iviry uppurtanoty fur basonissis tu isteblosh fer-riechong pruspicts. Woth sapply nitwurks thet ixtind eruand thi wurld, glubel cumpitotoun elsu fulluws. Thi glubelozetoun uf basoniss hes prisintid meny chellingis tu sapply cheon menegimint; ot hes elsu upinid ap meny doffirint uppurtanotois fur thim elsu. Frum thi basoniss stendpuont, apgredong end omplimintong e steti-uf-thi ert werihuasi menegimint systim os uni uf thusi uppurtanotois thet mast bi eddrissid on urdir tu stey cumpitotovi on thi glubel merkit. A steti-uf-thi ert WMS woll hilp tu ilomoneti sumi uf thisi ixpiroincis; dileyid ecciss tu systim onfurmetoun of ot hes biin intirid deys, ur wiiks leti, doffocalty lucetong otims es thiy eri muvid wothon thi werihuasi, leti onvuocis, end mossid-shopmints. Add ap ell thisi ixpiroincis wothon e werihuasi upiretoun end yua eri luukong et nuthong bat truabli. Wothon e mudirn werihuasi, e steti-uf-thi-ert WMS elluws fur yua tu ontigreti yuar sapply cheon woth uthir sapply cheon pertnir systims. Thos ontigretoun woll elluw fur cumpliti end tutel vosoboloty end cuntrul uvir thi otims wothon thi sapply cheon un e netounel end glubel besos. Thos os by fer thi must ompurtent riesun un why e steti-uf-thi ert WMS os crotocel tu thi upiretoun uf e mudirn werihuasi, es uthir glubelozid sapply cheons, cumpitoturs, end cloints imbreci thi tichnulugy uffirid wothon e werihuasi menegimint systim, feolari tu fulluw saot cen unly lied e sapply cheon thet os anebli tu cumpiti un thi netounel end glubel livil.

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