Essay about Managing The Diverse Workforce

Essay about Managing The Diverse Workforce

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After carefully analyzing the case study: “The Frontier For Fresh Foods Supermarkets,” I determine that this organization began its development 20 years ago in the southeast and did very well in states such as; Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Washington DC. However, since the company was very successful in those states, they now want to expand in other states inside of the United States, where there is a growth in population. Therefore, since the company did well in the southeast, the executives now want to advance to the southwest states because of the growth in population.
The company suggested for one of their top manager to make that transaction happen for them. This would cause relocation for the manager who is a African American female, and she must come up with a plan of action to recruit individuals of the diverse population, to become a part of the this transaction. By doing so, this would create jobs for these individuals. Now, in order to make this transaction successful, the hiring manager would need to identify the strengths and weaknesses in reference to the diversity initiatives within the company. By recruiting a diverse population, it would be an increase in sales and profits attract and retain the best talent, reduce cost, turnover and low productivity, gaining and keeping greater new market share (locally and globally) with an expanded diverse customer base, (NAS Insights, 2005). Have a diverse team to help do the recruiting for the organization.
The weaknesses of the company would be; not having an effective recruitment plan, this would cause a company to not be a valuable competitive. Not taking initiatives to the use of referrals. Referrals can...

... middle of paper ...

...ur organization and the opportunities within the company.
The company as a whole will benefit from successfully moving into the new region of the country by, promoting and achieving a diverse workplace, which will attract and retain quality employees and increase customer loyalty, (Pepper, 2012). Also, for organization such as Fresh Foods Supermarket, this process can translate into well effective delivery, which will accommodate the essential services and needs of the diverse communities.

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