Essay about Managing Stress On The Job Affects Many Individuals

Essay about Managing Stress On The Job Affects Many Individuals

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Managing Stress
Stress on the job affects many individuals. The percentage of employees suffering from work-related stress has increased substantially. The effects that come from stress can be detrimental to a person’s health. Individuals view stress as a typical day to day issue that can be easily maintained, but that is not the case for many who are suffering from it. As the symptoms go on untreated, the severity magnifies. Work-related stress migrates from work to home unknowingly, causing more stress in an individual’s life.
In a recent study, it was found that 44% of workers felt work-related stress was typical in their workplace (Steemson, 2013, p.9). Workload and work hours cause most work-related stress. Employees are burdened with excessive work and long hours to rectify the lack of staff. Steemson (2013) stated, “In a survey of 14,000 local government workers, 72% said stress caused by heavy workloads were having a major effect on how well they can do their jobs. 70% of those questioned said that work-related stress is affecting their home life” (p.10). It is an organization’s duty to ensure their employees have a stress-free environment.
Employees face issues that lead to physical symptoms that are unhealthy and causes them to be less productive. Stress is a problem not only for employees but the organization as well. In further studies, U.Treven, S.Treven and Zizek (2011) stated, “Stress at work can be a real problem to the organization as well as its workers” (p.46). If an employee is under stress his/her ability to work productively decreases. The consequences that occur from not meeting company standards increase the stress and pressure already existing with the employee. In related to health, statistics shows tha...

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... is crucial if a person wishes to manage stress in his life effectively”. Self-love refers to self-perception and self-esteem. In order to love others, one must first love himself. This form of positive thinking alleviates stressful situations.
In conclusion, stress can be managed with persistency. The excessive workload and work hours given to an employee makes it hard to not be stressed. This stress leads to health issues that can potentially be life-threatening. Although, work-related stress begins at work it ends up at home causing ruckus between loved ones. Learning the proper ways to dealing with stress have been beneficial to many workers. Applying the techniques of self-love and self-help to their day to day lives will generate positive results. Meditating on positive auras relieves stress. More workers should be educated on how to manage stress on the job.

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