Managing Projects Is A Key Part Of Any Company Essay

Managing Projects Is A Key Part Of Any Company Essay

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Project management has become a crucial part of any company in this twenty-first century. It not only helps the company expand and grow, but also helps target smaller segments of the operations at a time and upgrade or update it to increase productivity of that segment (Kerzner, 2013). Managing projects is a challenge every project manager faces. Finding different ways of improving a project’s management is very important. Thus, utilizing lean and Six Sigma processes can help minimize project cost and maximize productivity.
ABC Foods is an assumed food wholesaler for restaurants in Fargo, ND. ABC Foods has been in business for a long time and have been able to generate high revenue and profit with the utilization of Lean Process and Six Sigma. As the company has been performing well above expectation, the board of directors decided in expanding the company by initiating its own delivery department. This will help the company expand its operations to a new level. Up until now, they used services of XYZ Delivery Services to deliver foods to its customers. The company feels that it is the right time for them to initiate their own delivery system. In order to go through this implementation, the company has decided to utilize Lean Process and Six Sigma to create an optimum delivery department. As these processes help the company lower their operating cost and, simultaneously, increase efficiency and productivity, it is very important to understand these processes before continuing with the implementation.
Lean Process Implementation
Lean process implementation is the method of getting a task complete by utilizing the least amount of resource to get the job done without compromising the quality of the output (Lean Enterprise Institu...

... middle of paper ... company, thus reducing untimeliness. The last solution provided is to understand the delivery operations and how it works. Understanding the need to all customers and the timeframe and resources the company needs to accomplish them in a timely fashion is very important. As mentioned in the PMBOK, operations are an ongoing undertakings or tasks that are repetitive in nature to produce an output (PMBOK, 2013). Thus, it is very important for a company to make sure there aren’t any obstacles in operations. If there are any possible failures, the company needs to have go-to plan to tackle those issues as soon as possible and maintain a smooth running operation and productivity. Thus, ABC Foods should utilize all of the mentioned solutions to be prepared to tackle and handle any type of unforeseeable issue or failure that may arise during the delivery department venture.

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