Managing Others : An Organization Essay

Managing Others : An Organization Essay

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Managing others is much more complex than simply delegating tasks. Management of others is a large part of any organization, public or private. It involves everything from teambuilding to psychological contracts to workplace relationships, down to the very structure of an organization. This session’s readings on the topic of “Managing Others” focus greatly on the internal mechanisms of organizations. These mechanisms include the protocols under which organizations are run, organizational structure, consensus-building, decision-making processes, relationship management, and more. Entire projects, and even organizations, can be made or broken based on how these segments of management are designed and practiced, as they set the foundation for employee performance and investment. The topics and strategies considered in the readings center around five main elements that influence the management of others. The structure of an organization, the type of leadership that is encouraged, office politics, team building techniques, and safe spaces for feedback all influence employee production.

Organizational Structures

Organizational structures, as in how activities and roles are allocated, coordinated, and supervised throughout an organization, are essential to employee identity. Job titles and degrees of autonomy define employee participation within an organization. In this way, organizational structures set the environment for the growth of different types of leaders. Different frameworks promote specific actions and different perspectives.
The traditional organizational structure is hierarchical. It encourages the idea of top leadership, management, and employees in different departments. Essentially, d...

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...causes “job satisfaction and organizational loyalty to diminish,” employers must curtail any hostile tension immediately by being aware of warning signals, not making excuses for behavior, setting zero-tolerance expectations, and resolving conflict (Pearson & Porath, 2005). Conflict management in the workplace requires early action. In resolving conflict, leaders must use ground rules to encourage productive discussion of disagreements, discuss substantive conflict issues openly with the entire group, discuss interpersonal conflict issues with the entire group only if doing so is concurrent with the purpose, time availability, and skill set of the group, and most importantly, set ground rules to communicate through different types of conflicts (Kolb, 2013). Without these approaches, allowing office politics to affect organizational performance would become disastrous.

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