Managing Military Members ' Finances Throughout Their Military Career And Beyond

Managing Military Members ' Finances Throughout Their Military Career And Beyond

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USAA defines itself by its dedication to help manage military members’ finances throughout their military career and beyond. (usaa). USAA and its employees are simply already motivated by serving the military community because those in the military have sacrificed so much to serve their country. Serving those in the military gives employees a sense of purpose and doing meaningful work. Motivating employees isn’t that simple though, therefore USAA’s motivational techniques have been analyzed in order to determine what areas the company is succeeding in and what areas need improvement.
According to Fred Herzberg, eighty percent of motivation comes from “motivating factors”, such as recognition, responsibility, learning opportunities and meaningful work. (Guinn, S. L., 2013). When USAA call center employees were surveyed, the top motivating factor was interesting work. USAA lacks in this area merely because research has shown that call center representatives have limited task control, limited control over the timing in which they have to answer calls and are faced with routine tasks that become monotonous for the employee. (Berkbigler & Dickson, 2014). In the survey, USAA employees were asked, what factors could be changed at USAA to help maintain employees motivation levels? One of the respondents wrote, “Lower call volumes to be able to think between calls.” For example, in the car insurance department, a representatives work consist of adding and deleting vehicles from car insurance policies and faxing or emailing car insurance identification cards, which can get monotonous.
The second ranked motivational factor in part II of the survey was promotions and growth in the organization. This coincides with Part I of the survey where...

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...rance Agent”). Therefore, pay for an insurance sales agent at USAA is low compared to the industry average. Given Equity theory and employees comparing their pay relative to others, it can be expected employees will react strongly to an increase in pay which would align them with their peers.
A couple of other intrinsic motivating factor statements that were ranked by the employees are: I enjoy the freedom to work creatively on projects and this freedom motivates me and being given additional responsibility motivates me to improve my performance. These are areas for improvement. The call center requirements demand employees to be at their desk for eight to ten hours a day, which doesn’t leave enough time for any projects or additional responsibility other than the job at hand. Thus, this environment limits the amount of time for job autonomy and job enrichment.

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