Managing Management Issues Of Retail Activity Essay

Managing Management Issues Of Retail Activity Essay

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1 - Introduction

In recent years there has been major growth in the wider business world surrounding the overall influence that the retailing industry holds and because of which, retailing and the issues that surround it have become a vital influence in today’s global economy. (Fisher & Raman, 2001)

It has been said that retailers may no longer compete purely retail activity alone and must incorporate various factors relating to overall efficiency of the whole supply chain and in turn overcoming ever expanding management issues of which arise throughout business activities. (Fernie & Sparks. 2004)

This report aims to at one business in particular, that of nationwide supermarket Waitrose with a view to diagnosing prime management issues that exist throughout the organisation and the implications of which may arise as a direct result.

2 – Waitrose Background

Waitrose was first introduced throughout Britain in 1904 by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor. (Waitrose, 2015) Leading on from acquisition from John Lewis in 1937, the business have seen vast expansion with employment figures currently now standing at over 37,000. (Waitrose, 2015)

Looking from a sales perspective, Waitrose have continued to grow throughout the supermarket sector and during the lucrative Christmas period sales of 2014, the business saw unprecedented growth with sales growth figures outperforming that of each of the ‘’big four’’, namely: Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. (Wood, 2015)

In terms of the future, Waitrose’s good fortune looks set to continue with a predicted 336 new stores opening throughout 2015 and continued increases predicted throughout ever important e-commerce sales. (Press Association, 2015)


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...nd corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important for today’s retailers, since the globalisation of the business world there have been major increases in ethical difficulties and dilemmas for retailers to overcome. (Koumbiadis, Okpara & Pandit. 2014)

Waitrose has failed to escape the clutches of ethical concerns and aims to ensure ethical practices are carried out in every area of the organisation. The organisation has numerous ethical practices including the ‘’Small Producers’ Charter’’, aiming to celebrate local and regional suppliers and vows to support British farmers. (Waitrose, 2015)

Further steps were made by Waitrose in ensuring an ethically run business ensued in 2015, when the business signed a deal with The Fair Trade Foundation, of whom will fully endorse and advise Waitrose on aspects of sourcing ethical products. (Butler, 2015)

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