Managing Conflict Management : An Inevitable Part Of Interpersonal Relations Within An Organization

Managing Conflict Management : An Inevitable Part Of Interpersonal Relations Within An Organization

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Group Consensus
Managing Conflict
Conflict is an inevitable part of interpersonal relations within an organization, where the actions of one individual are perceived to have a negative impact upon the state of another individual. A leader must be prepared to institute steps in the conflict management process in order to progress through a given incident for the betterment of the organization. “Conflict management is the principle that all conflicts cannot be resolved, but learning how to manage conflicts can decrease the odds of nonproductive escalation” (Popovich & Hocenski, 2009, p.15). Although conflict, in general, may seem detrimental to a team, functional conflict is necessary for a properly functioning team. Without functional conflict, individuals may strive for consensus among the group, and risk their beliefs to accomplish this task. This experience is known as group think, and can be fatal to the group. Another reason why management and leadership plays a vital role in conflict management and holding employees accountable.

Development of Teams
Ever popular is Bruce Tuckman’s four-stage model of forming, storming, norming, and performing, is believed to be necessary stages of team development. According to Redick, Reyna, Schaffer, and Toomey (2014) leading though the different phases require leaders to focus on different items such as establishing objectives in forming stage, reinforcing trust, relationships, and structure in the storming stage, taking a supporting role in the norming stage, and in the performing stage a leader encourages and propels the team past complacency (p. 6).
Another important step to consider in effectively implementing team structures within an organization relates to the developmental ...

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...rusting relationships, solve critical issues, and work more effectively as a team.
Strategies of a high performing team include a leader’s provision of freedom of a team to go after goals apart from the leaders’ top-down influence can produce high levels of problem solving, cross-functional understanding, and innovation. Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers (2009) shares that one important step in allowing teams to establish themselves into productive assets for an organization is to provide the time and space to come to a conclusion; the team must make the decision with the leader staying on the outside. Another strategy is, accepting feedback data more frequently, “when team feedback becomes a team protocol—a regular and ongoing requirement of team functioning—team performance is enhanced by improving the quality of problem solving” (Hillier & Dunn-Jensen, 2013, p. 709).

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