Essay on Managing Change in Organisations

Essay on Managing Change in Organisations

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How bold are the employees in expressing their emotions. Few are bold enough to directly oppose the change may be verbally, physically or by their behavior. These are the ones who have no fear of losing their jobs. They are aggressive and active employees. On the other hand we have the silent movers who being aggressive are passive, although they have a strong grudge against change, they do not revolt openly. But it is seen in their behavior as employees may become lazy, tell lies, avoid work, lose the spirit of work, reduce involvement, etc. For example an organization has undergone change and an employee who is a covert resistor shall not be happy in helping the new team leader. He shall try to misguide him, give wrong dates, tell lies, etc. This behavior is only one of his ways to block change without letting the management know. Some employees try to adjust with the changing situation in a healthy manner whereas some show an overt or covert behavior to change. It than depends on the management that how efficient are they in convincing the employees that the change is for their betterment. Implementing change in an organization effectively needs lots of research work to be done on ground levels, it involves study of the needs and demands of the employees, the present situation, the authority and power among the various hierarchical levels, and all needs to be taken into consideration. There are many factors on which change is accepted or rejected by the employees. It’s not always necessary that what triggers the management shall trigger the employees also.

Why employees resist change ?
The question here arises that why employees resist change. “Despite the potential positive outcomes, change is often resisted...

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...rom the present job. Firstly it is their anger towards it and secondly it is the fear of the unexpected that makes them behave the way they do.
Managing resistance to change

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