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Managing Change at SLMC Essay examples

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If organizations are to thrive and be sustaining, they need to respond to the dynamics of their environment with change. However, change is not a singular event with an isolated focus (Spector, 2007). Effective strategic renewal is a combination of “the three faces of change”—turnaround, which targets costs; technology, which targets internal process; and behavioral, which targets employee actions and interactions (Spector, 2007). In a discussion on change management, particularly management-by-control versus management-by-shaping, Palmer, et al. (2009) draw a similar conclusion that “organizations and human systems are complex and evolving and therefore cannot be reduced to a single, linear objective of maximizing shareholder value” (p. 50).
Leaders and managers must be able to champion change in their organizations. Initiating and implementing new business strategies are some of the most significant and challenging of a leader’s duties (Mullins, 2011). Because people are often satisfied with the status quo, resistance to change is common. Therefore, a successful change leader must be capable of managing people and the process well.
In order for SLMC to transform and achieve strategic renewal, which would require focus on the company’s fully insured health plan, the new leadership team made a compelling argument for change. By being able to demonstrate a need for change people will be less likely to resist change efforts (Mullins, 2011). Sloans’ new leadership was able to provide adequate justification for change by demonstrating the urgency that was required in order for the organization to survive. In addition, the new leadership explained the opportunities for success and advancement within the organ...

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