Managing A Virtual Workstation From The Uk Essay

Managing A Virtual Workstation From The Uk Essay

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c. Conducting reviews - Lanx managers should conduct review sessions with all employees to ensure that everyone is focused on the goals. During the review, feedback would be given on the challenges faced during the process of execution of job strategies drawn to

2.6 Conclusion
Judging by the proposed transition of Lanx to Delhi and the challenges associated with this move which includes the diversity of the workforce, power, politics and conflict that will definitely occur, the challenge in managing a virtual workstation from the UK, all these challenges are surmountable if all the human resources strategies are implemented. For examples, for the case of diversity, intercultural and communication are the major issue the UK managers would experience during their. However, it was suggested that all the mangers must undergo a 1-year training on the Indian culture and communication so as to enable the full assimilation of a varying culture. Also, in order to help the UK managers in this regard, it was suggested that a Delhi employee is recruited and sent to the Lanx’s head office in the UK to understudy the company’s business culture and operation and also to learn the UK’s work and communication pattern. With these strategies in place, there would be less friction in the virtual office in Delhi and it will summarily lead to a reduction in the cost of communication which diversity causes as the Delhi employee manager would assist in mediation communication where necessary.
Furthermore, power, politics, and conflict will be on the front burner in the Delhi office and some factors that would lead to such a situation includes; varying values, beliefs, orientations, morals, religious orientation and divergent views (Deutsch,1990). Look...

... middle of paper ... which should be regularly updated. Viewing from the fact that people in the UK office do not see their counterparts in Delhi the challenge of trust is very key. A workforce where there is no trust usually encounters conflicts so the managers must ensure that the atmosphere of trust, integrity and openness is practiced in the workplace. Trust is the state of accepting and displaying a high level of confidence about employees and this I created by creating an atmosphere where team members can express their views and styles of work (Singh and Muncherji, 2007). However, judging from the perspective of Mayer et al., (2009, 2012) they postulated that when employees see their leader as having high integrity and trust for them, there would be a reciprocal view of their leader as they tend to emulate such a leader’s behaviour hence leading to greater achievement of target.

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