Essay Managing A Productive Organization For An Organization

Essay Managing A Productive Organization For An Organization

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The author Tracy Mullen states exactly what all ownerships, supervisors and managers spend time thinking about when it comes to their employee’s, how do we increase morale and productivity? Owning, running and even managing a productive organization is not an easy task to say the least. However to have a productive organization you must have productive employee’s and management staff. Organizational success it is required to implement managerial functions appropriately. How a company is structured can lead to overly productive employees or it can lead to employees whom are ineffective and not trust worthy of your organization. Companies are spending millions of dollars on researching how to hire, train and maintain great employee’s, the flip side is that organizational guidelines such as the external environment, mission, strategy, leadership, culture, structure, information and reward systems and work policies are extremely important to increase morale and productivity (Kapur, 2016).
Traditional bureaucratic pyramid structures of authority when dealing with the retail or even to stretch and say anything in the customer service field in today’s age of quickness being what the customer wants based on value for their dollar. The pyramid does not flex and adapt to change quickly within the external environment. (Buhler, 2011). Now does that mean that a pyramid will not work if the employees are motivated and actually enjoy the company they work for? No it can work, however, change will still be structured and slow at times, which for some employees can mean the difference in having job satisfaction or being a piece of turnover data. One additional aspect to organizational structure and culture is the communication process of resolvi...

... middle of paper ... employees are offered career advancement from within the organization and in the end job satisfaction. An organization can become electric with great leadership and job satisfaction for your team. When an employee is having fun at work, while being productive you have successfully developed a great organizational environment for your staff and your customers. That makes a company successful.
No matter what your position is in an organization, what your authority within the structure is, always remember that people will always be a company’s greatest asset for success internally and externally. A great quote from Jack Welch is “If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don 't have to manage them.” (Welch, J, 2005). Those are words that can impact every company in America.

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