Managing A Diverse Work Environment Essay

Managing A Diverse Work Environment Essay

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Managing a Diverse Work Environment
There is a need for leadership effectiveness within a diverse workplace. It is a difficult task to perform leadership within a workplace containing different levels of diversity. Leadership is essential within organizations, however, leadership can become more complicated due to the increased volume of globalization and the development of technology. Technology alters the way organizations and people conduct business and communicate as well. Managers must be cross-cultural and look at global change as an opportunity for growth within their organization, as well as growth individually. In addition, coping with the constant global change, organizations must respond quickly to the impacts that globalization and technology can have on development of job skills, work ethic, continuous learning, as well as leadership.
It may be expected of a leader to know what type of leadership is required to manage a diverse group and implement those skills accordingly. Since there are individuals that come from different cultural backgrounds, their concept and expectations of leadership may be different than others. In order to create the type of leadership that will become long-term, leaders must show the expected competency in cultural awareness. It is important to understand as leaders the significance of the expectations and leadership, and to create and maintain strategies for change that is long-term. I believe that effective diversified leadership is the only way to work with diverse employees and take the organization to the next level.
A variety of people allow different challenges and advantages in terms of creativity, ideas and styles within the workplace. In a blended organizational culture, any ty...

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...uld be possible that resistance would come from older generations (Baby Boomers), however, leaders would need to be strategic about limiting the avoidable pressure and allowing smooth transitions for their employees. It will be pertinent to be sure that training is also required for the employees to help with cultural awareness amongst team members.
In conclusion, globalization, altered demographic, and the influence of other diverse organizations call for leaders to increase their self-awareness and skill set to manage diverse work environments. Leadership in a diverse workforce requires awareness, consistent knowledge, manager-employee relationships, a global mindset and interpersonal skills. As a result, managing and obtaining the know-how for a diverse environment and team allows for a unique and rewarding experience among the leader and their team.

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