Managing A Company Is Not An Easy Process Essay

Managing A Company Is Not An Easy Process Essay

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Managing a company is not an easy process because it involves critical thinking skills to ensure that all is running well. There are times in the management process becomes hard when there is no morale among the employees in the company. As a leader of any department in a company you should know the cause of the low morale and any form of demotivation demonstrated by employees in the organization. This will help you be able to apply the right strategies that will back the morale and boost productivity in the company.
In the given case where I have been selected as the new Vice president of Toyota’s Quality Control Department, which is facing lack of morale among the employees, a lot need to be done to bring back the department to its normal operation. As a new vice president I will have to apply the SMART goals to enhance productivity in the department. There is a need to do some reorganization if the desired results have to be realized within the department. In addition, a lot of initiatives that involve collaboration and networking with other departments that need to be done to ensure that the department runs smoothly. This will definitely be an easy process because there are many challenges to be overcome in order to succeed. To be able to do all this, great leadership skills are required, thus I will have to demonstrate effective leadership traits (Dwyer & Hopwood, 2010). This article provides all the strategies I will apply to ensure the department regain back its lost glory in terms of morale and high productivity.

Application of the SMART objectives
This will be the best strategy to use because it will be easy for me to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans I will use. What is the meaning of SMART objectives?
Specific: t...

... middle of paper ...

... a key factor in efficient working during the reorganization process.
Confidence to ensure that all the other employees gain confidence too that all the set goals will be realized with the stipulated time. With confident directors it will be easy to attain all the set objectives (Yemm, 2013).
The plan is set to take the directors into leadership training where they will learn how to develop not only the above traits, but many others that will ensure they are in the forefront in helping the department regain back its high productivity.

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