Managing A Business Four Cornerstones Essay

Managing A Business Four Cornerstones Essay

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Starting a business involves a lot of preparing, thinking, financial decision, and commitment. Sure the mere fact of creating your own business seems exciting, but as many entrepreneurs discover it can also be demanding. There are few shortcuts to starting, growing and leading a good business. To successfully manage a business four cornerstones must be addressed continuously. The four cornerstones that conforms into the business’s foundation of success are: 1) vision/ purpose, 2) business strategy, 3) skills/ expertise, and 4) leadership (Dahlvig, 2012). For a business to have a strong foundation of success all four cornerstones must be equally strong- delicately harmonized. As long as there are no weak element, a business will build a strong and positive brand; thereby providing a foundation for optimal performance.
The COMPANY’s biggest strength and strongest attribute steer from the 1st out of the 4 corner blocks of a good business, Vision/Purpose. A vision alongside with ambition and determination equals the purpose of a business. Economically, the vision defines who you are in the business world, and established the scope of the business. In the 1940s Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, had a vision to provide families with beautifully designed, cost conscious, products that were developed for the rich (Daft, 2013). Kamprad felt ordinary, everyday people could afford fine- looking furniture afforded by the rich with the right resources. He visualized to change the standard for people with limited financial means by creating a structure through which they can live the lives they have dreamed of. Ingvar’s vision motivates change, and inspire good people to believe in his vision- wa...

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... the furniture. So it is apparently clear that Ikea is doing the most to stay committed to “the needs of the ordinary people” (Daft, 2013). Ikea’s belief is to familiarize themselves with products that strengthens ties with existing customers and build lasting relationships with potential customers. The company has managed to achieve above all triumphs and challenges that came their way; despite if it is in the villages of India or the inner cities of western countries. This Swedish furniture store is well aware of their purpose, their desire to grow, and whatever improvements that need to be executed in order for the company to do what it initially started out for which is to contribute to a better society. After all, Ikea is established on a foundation that is not motivated by profits but is motivated by the good deed it has bestowed upon others and society.

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