Managers Have Leadership Qualities, But Not All Managers Are Leaders Essay

Managers Have Leadership Qualities, But Not All Managers Are Leaders Essay

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Managers have leadership qualities; Yet not all managers are leaders. This course has allowed me to challenge myself and learn about my strengths and weaknesses in a leadership role. Exploring the main three practices which include managing ethics and diversity, challenging the process and enabling others to act. This report is an analytical study of the leadership practices mentioned above; while exploring leadership practices, ways to improve them and new innovative ideas.
Owners like managers alike, should establish ways to demonstrate appreciation for employees. This course has taken my perspective on managing beyond just giving rules and following standardized ways of doing business. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” (African proverb), correlates to business growth and development. In my mind, without subordinates a great leader can only achieve certain lengths. As times, have shown, creating new ideas and always coming up with innovative ways of doing business are essential to stay ahead of the game.
As I stated previously, managers have leadership qualities but not all managers are leaders. Managers are authority figures, which a company has entrusted to achieve certain goals through subordinates. They usually follow the transactional leadership method. This leadership style focuses on the managers setting roles and goals; which subordinates then follow. Transactional leadership occurs when “managers use their reward and coercive powers to encourage high performance” (Jones, Gareth R. and George, Jennifer 432). In this managing style subordinates expect something in return (usually pay). This course has allowed me to comprehend that minor acknowledgements can be the difference in being a gre...

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...ed an abundance of information in this course. So many topics were covered. Although, I was not able to cover every one of them, I gained a great perspective on leading. I understand that managing entails leadership, but that leading is more rewarding. Leaders are usually more transactional leaders, charismatic, they get along well with others, value opinions, have long term goals, share visions, they have followers, they challenge themselves, they do what is right, they allow others to grow along with them, they welcome change and they strive for excellence since they have a passion for what they are doing. In conclusion, I hope my report provided you with an analytical study of the leadership practices for managing ethics and diversity, challenging the process and enabling others; while exploring leadership practices, ways to improve them and new innovative ideas.

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