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Management Teams And Management Team Essay example

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• Communication. Often students are talking over each other. In quite a few classes, a single student will emerge as the voice of the employees. If it is a trusted student, this can work very well. However, this also means that student has a lot of power. A snarky comment can derail the entire effort. Also, management teams will also frequently use strategies like dividing up the room into “territories;” each manager takes a section of the class and tries to convince them to show their numbers and move. This approach undermines trust as those not being talked to are annoyed and those who are being talked to wonder if they are being told something different from the other groups. Students are able to grasp the value of having the management team speak in a unified fashion with clarity and transparency.
• Task interdependence. If even just one student refuses to move, the management team will fail at its task. If there are one or a handful of students who are the unwilling to move, this can be a great time to talk about the types of task interdependencies (sequential, pooled, and reciprocal), what industries have high/low levels of interdependency, and how the main resisters can be successfully moved forward.
Students experience and then analyze core managerial challenges including resistance to change, motivation and low employee morale, and effective communication.
Students, many of whom are quite passive during the activity, are given an opportunity to reflect on their individual role with an effort that for most classes has fallen short.
Students have a shared, tangible experience which they are able to draw on when relating the course principles to organizational practices.

Exercise #5:


... middle of paper ...

...ment and team building.

The presenter used this exercise as part of an exam review for an undergraduate Organizational Behavior course. The exercise is flexible enough to use in a wide variety of subjects.
Materials Needed and Preparation
The exercise requires five chairs for the four “bases” and the “pitcher’s mound”, and approximately 10 light baseballs (whiffle balls or bean bags work well), which students can easily throw and catch in a classroom environment.
Aims of the Exercise
The aim of the exercise is to allow students to review course content in a fun, interactive way. The exercise promotes teamwork and uses competition to spur learning.
Overview of the Exercise
The following is based on one game, taking place in a standard sized classroom. For large classes, the instructor could have multiple simultaneous games or use a playoff format – having

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