The Management Style Of Hotel Service Essays

The Management Style Of Hotel Service Essays

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Tourism industry is a booming sector of business emerging recently as the development of civilization. Tourism booms its business

F1 Management style in hotel service:
Management is so much important for any business. Effective management is important to carry out organization goals and strategic strategies with efficient uses of available resources. There are several types of management style founds in action in real world business dealings. They are:
1) Autocratic
2) Authoritative
3) Affiliative
4) Democratic
5) Coaching
Autocratic management leadership style is the style where management takes the control of decision making and subordinate are required to follow the orders. This the oldest type of management system. It helps to hold the control all over the organization by top management. Autocratic management is effective if standard instructions are needed for execution. It largely depends on capability of management to carry out this leadership. Authoritative management is another form of management. In this management style, top management generally provides long term visions or objectives to the subordinates. It a task oriented jobs which carried out by the subordinates by their own skills and motivation. Affiliative is a process where the management makes the decision via group discussion and takes the necessary steps. It’s a motivational factor for the subordinate to work with enthusiasm and obtain organizational goals. Democratic management style represents that everyman in the organization has something to contribute in the organization. Here all personals are considered as a active body of the organization. Coaching is a management style where appropriate technique and procedures are guided ...

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...ciency in dealing with problems.
3) Increasing capabilities to choose from various alternative solutions.

Table3: skills in developing career (self-developed)
In RCH brand, it gives me enough scope to develop my personal skills development. It provides scope to identify my managerial skills with my interpersonal skills. It provides scope to practice newly developed skills and provide feedback on development matter.
P11 Reviewing development needs and development plans
In this some competitive business environment, development needs every day. Business environment is a dynamic world which changes so first. To keep up with the changing environment skill development is essential. We all know that, generally skills are perishable. We need to practice every day to improve skills. So we need to evaluate our skills on timely basis and determine the needs to development.

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