Management Structure And Strategy Of A Company Essay

Management Structure And Strategy Of A Company Essay

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Management and how it is arranged are central to the overall success or failure of a company. The decisions made about management structure and strategy affect every subsequent decision that will be made throughout the organization. It has been generally thought that a traditional management style with clearly defined hierarchical roles and a fairly rigid structure is the best way to organize a company to be successful. Recently, though, holacracy has risen as a viable alternative to the traditional management system. With its peer to peer regulation arrangement that allows for much more flexibility, holacracy could become the structure that sets the new standard of success within the business world.
The overall goal of the holacracy management style is to create a flexible corporate structure that is powered by self-motivated employees. According to, a website that advocates for the implementation of the holacracy management style, claims companies that utilize the holacracy style of management use distributed authority, task roles that have the ability to change as needed, rapid iterations of corporate structure, and transparent rules that govern the company employees including upper management. These companies instead use a system that allows them to adapt to a business environment that is continuously changing. The holacracy style incorporates lots of ambiguity in the team and individual job rules. states, “…people have multiple roles…[that] are constantly updated by the team actually doing the work”. This flexibility allows the team, and in turn, the company to adapt to the changing environment of business. In addition to task assignment changes, another key characteristic of a stan...

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...each of these individuals worked on them. This would allow the company to still be “self-managing” for and it would cut down on time-consuming process of coordinating across functions. Another issue Medium had to deal with was the time it took to keep transparency. Andy Doyle, head of operations of Medium, stated, “Holacracy also requires a deep commitment to record-keeping and governance. Every job to be done requires a role, and every role requires a set of responsibilities.”. This issue could be easily solved by quickly establishing who best fits each job upfront and then working from there. Medium’s biggest issue was how much time everything took up. If strategies or individuals had jobs to reduce time consuming issues productivity would increase and their goals would be accomplished much quicker thus allowing them to keep Holacracy implemented in their company.

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